Spiritual Education Framework

Education framework policy

Global peace and harmony are possible only by inner transformation of individuals. The vision of Global Organisation for Divinity (G.O.D) is to effect this inner transformation in individuals through spiritual awakening and growth, transcending all differences of race, creed or religion.


A key objective of Global Organisation for Divinity is to provide education directed at spiritual awakening of the community to accept and appreciate all cultures and beliefs to co-exist peacefully in the plural society.


The education provided will be according to the framework described below.



G.O.D provides a range of educational programs aimed at effecting inner transformation amongst masses through an understanding of the self, God and the world. They are available to the general public in the community, including children.

Our educational programs include courses / classes / seminars / retreats etc.


The content for various educational programs are prepared from Indian scriptures and adapted to address the current day issues (such as stress, lack of happiness etc) and to bring about the spirituality within.

A lot of thinking has gone into the preparation of content to make it easier for a common person to understand spiritual concepts and able to follow in day to day life. The content is prepared by some of the eminent people in the field of spirituality and is inspired by the teaching of Swamiji.


Our programs are delivered through a number of methods to suit the audience and program content. An educational facility cum community centre will soon be constructed in Sydney and most of the educational activities will be carried out from this facility.

The following methods are commonly used:

  • Face to Face programs conducted in public halls and residences;
  • Conference call between participants and the program instructor; and
  • On-line educational programs for participants to do at their own pace;


Our instructors are well versed with the programs they deliver and are subject matter experts. They constantly update their skill levels by appropriate ongoing activities.


Our programs are offered on a NO FEE BASIS to the participants.
As there are no fees involved, we do not offer any scholarships.


Our educational programs are open to all. All are welcome to attend.

Program schedules

We publish three types of schedules:

  • Past educational program schedules;
  • Current educational program schedules; and
  • Planned future educational program schedules

The schedules have all the details about various programs such as content, instructor, location, times etc. These are available in our website for your viewing.


Booking is essential and please write to contact@godivinity.org.au  to register for any of the current and future educational activities.


We conduct appropriate Quiz / Learning tests during the course of the program to assess participant’s progress. In addition to this, we also conduct an examination towards the end of the program for certain courses offered.


At the end of our programs, a suitable certificate, where appropriate is awarded to participants as recognition.