Devotional Service

Srimad Bhagavatam, the divine literature by Sage Vyasa advocates the path of Bhagavata dharma – a path of devotion to Lord. The Lord resides where he is celebrated with a heart filled with love. Just as we would wake up, dress up and feed our own child in the morning, fondle, caress and feed in the afternoon and put to sleep in the night, Bhagavatas spend the entire day with their Lord, by singing his praises, listening to his glories and chanting his divine names. Thus, the compassionate Lord is pleased and bestows devotion which is inter-twined with dispassion and jnana.

Bhagavata dharma is universal. It can be practiced in today’s world irrespective of the place we live or life style we follow.  It is mainly based on the simple path of Nama kirtan (chanting the divine names of the Lord). When we perform Nama kirtan, even mechanically to start with, it slowly forms into a habit. After a period of time, we will notice that we are more positive, organised and consistent than before and will start accepting people as they are and see everyone as God’s children. Thus the inner transformation begins to happen and our devotion to the Lord grows even more with steadfast faith.

Based on the above concept, our organisation promotes chanting of the divine name, specifically the Mahamantra as the easiest and most effective method for achieving peace and harmony through inner transformation. Various devotional service activities carried out by the organisation are:

  • Conduct regular group chanting sessions
  • Conduct community and private prayer sessions
  • Organise discourses from eminent speakers
  • Celebrate major Hindu festivals such as Sri Rama Navami and Sri Krishna Janmashtami

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