Prayer Satsangs

Prayer is a direct communion with the divine and enables us to feel the presence of God within us. Prayer nourishes the mind with positivity, clear thinking, great mental strength and makes our effort go in the right and noble direction.

Regular prayer satsangs with the chanting of Mahamantra are conducted at Namadwaar and also upon request at any devotee’s residence.

Divinity is manifested where ever the divine names of Bhagavan is chanted. The fragrance of a single jasmine is sweet, but when we make a garland or a bouquet with many jasmine flowers, the fragrance is even more potent and benign. In the same way, when people gather together and pray, the impact is  much greater.

Prayers done with the chanting of Mahamantra is very unique as it bestows both worldly and spiritual benefits. If you need any other information please call Mrs Jayanthi Ramanan on +61430487781 or email Your information will be kept confidential (read our privacy policy here)