Sri Krishna Jayanthi Message – excerpts from discourse of Sri Swamiji

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Excerpt from discourse of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

The food offerings were made to Govardana Giri instead of Indra based on Sri Krishna’s suggestion. Sri Krishna, taking a huge form, consumed the offerings. No sooner had this been done than Indra, to whom the news about the change had reached, retaliated with thunderstorms. He used the best of his weapons to teach the gullible villagers and the blind followers of Sri Krishna a lesson. The whole village, undaunted by the repercussion, looked up to Sri Krishna who lifted the huge Govardana Giri with His little finger as one lifts a simple umbrella. He protected His people from Indra’s wrath through all the seven days.
(‘tasmaath macharanam ghoshtam mannatham mathparigraham’ – Srimad Bhagavatham – 10:25) –
which means I protect those who have surrendered unto me and look up to me for their protection

It is to be noted here that the people of Gokula had accepted Sri Krishna’s verdict to make the offerings to Govardhana, unquestioningly, and had no complaints whatsoever to the repercussions faced. Instead, they only looked up to Him in whom they had their placed everything – love and faith.
It is unto such devotees that the Lord gives full protection.

To the people who chant His Name – the Mahamantra today, Krishna shall burn the burden of all their sins;
to the fortunate devotees who celebrate His divine descent today, Krishna shall make their whole life a divine celebration;
to those who read Srimad Bhagavatam this divine day, Krishna shall bless with deep devotion;
to those who give prasadam to the hungry today, Krishna shall bless with ample food ever.

Devotees who remember the Divine Leelas of Krishna today will never be forgotten by Krishna especially when they need Him the most.Let us all join as one loving family of the Supreme Lord – Krishna and celebrate this wonderful day with joy, love and faith! On this day, May He fulfill all our prayers;  May He bestow us happiness and prosperity;  May He fill our hearts with love and kindness;  May He bless us with everlasting peace and harmony.




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