Mahamantra Nama Sankirtan @ Pendle Hill

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Saturday 16th July
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In what looked like a beautiful temple, the satsang team were blessed to do Nama Sankirtan at the home of Smt Shivagami and Sri Prem Kumar.

Dr Ashwin Ji began the satsang with the Invocation Mantras (Mangalacharana). Chanting of Mahamantra was then chanted by various devotees present for the next hour.

This was followed by a Short talk by Deepak ji taking a verse from the Conversation of Sri Narada Ji and Sri Vyasa ji where Sri Narada ji uses this wonderful inspiring words that Sri Vyasa ji should write that final text called Srimad BHagavatam which is “AKHILA BANDHA MUKTAYE” – that which will liberate “ALL LIVING BEINGS” – irrespective of Age, Genger, Education, Birth, Nationality and even SPECIES….
Deepak Ji recounted the inspiring story of a great devotee called Raidas who was born in this Kaliyuga and was considered to be of low caste.  His bhakti being such that GANGA MATA appeared in a dirty bowel in his home which he used to dip his tools and leather etc in order to make shoes, which was his profession.

Deepak sang a touching kirtan by Sri Raidas

ab kaise chhUTe rAm, nAm raT lAgI . prabhujI tum chandan ham pAnI,

jAkI bAs samAni .prabhujI tum ghan ban ham morA,

jaise chitavat chand chakorA .prabhujI tum dIpak ham bAtI,

jAkI joti barai din rAtI |prabhujI tum motI ham dhAgA,

jaise sone milat suhAgA .prabhujI tum svAmI ham dAsA,

aisI bhakti karai raidAsA ..

How to escape? I am so immersed in Ram Nama that Now I cannot leave.

Lord, if you are sandalwood, I am water; with the fragrance in all parts of my body.

Lord, if you are a cloud, I am a peacock; looking for you like a chakora for the moon.

 Lord, if you are a lamp, I am the wick (bAti); with the light burning day and night.

Lord, if you are a pearl, I am the thread; together like gold and suhaga.

Lord, you are the master and I servant; thus is the devotion of Raidas.

Deepak ji spoke about the greatness of Nama, this Mahamantra, that as per the instruction of Narada, it is truly the universal path for ALL – AKHILA BANDHA MUKTAYE. Deepak Ji then used various verses for Maha mantra Kirtan composed by Sri Swamiji to further elaborate.

paNdithan mudharkkoNdu pAmaran varaiyilum, aNdi pizhaithidum kIrthanam pAdIrE!

Paraphrase: Oh, ye sing! Oh, ye sing! The hymn, which is sought by all as the very source of life to the learned and the commoner alike.

He Further explained that, what to speak of Human beings, the greatness of Bhagavat Dharma – Nama, is such that it even liberates living outside the spectrum of the human specifies.

paravai vilanginam  pul pooNdu ondrindriyE, paragathi nalgidum  kIrthanam pAdIrE!

Paraphrase: Oh, ye sing! Oh, ye sing! The hymn which bestows the highest fortune on all – birds, animals, grass and plants!  The talk was followed by Various Bhajans by Dr Ashwin Ji and the satsang came to close with singing Hanuman ji kirtan “Anjaneya Anjaneya Ram ” and Arati.


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