Hornsby Satsang – July 2016

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17th July

The monthly satsang in Hornsby was held on July 17th at Waitara public school. It was a very stormy and rainy day. However, the rains did not dampen the enthusiasm. Smt. Gayathri Easwar began the satsang by thanking God and Guru maharaj. Gayathri shared how sound has an effect on us. She derived the content from Sri Swamiji’s book. She mentioned that a child gets attracted to music just as a snake would get attracted to the snake charmers flute! Gayatri then related how Bhakthas like Surdas and Haridas have sung praises of God by singing Kirtans. The chanting of mahamantra was led by Gayatri in a call and response style.

Gayatri described how in the Kalisantara Upanishad a practical way to chant the names of the Lord is shown, that can be applied to this Kali Yuga. This was followed by Mahamantra chanting. Smt. Rekha Sashikanth and Sowmya Rajesh sang a couple of bhajans in their melodious voices. The satsang concluded with the chanting of Hanuman chalisa led by Sowmya, followed by prasad.


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