Satsang at Sri Vishnu Shiva Mandir, Canberra

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Sunday 5th June

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Smt Ragini Santhanam, renowned music teacher who runs Mandir School of Music in Canberra, invited G.O.D satsang to perform mahamantra nama sankirtan and conduct a workshop for the students of Mandir School of Music. It was indeed a great blessing to perform mahamantra nama sankirtan in front of the Lord at Sri Shiva Vishnu temple.

The satsang began with the bhajan performance by the students of Mandir School of Music, followed by melodious singing of mahamantra led by, Smt Ragini Santhanam, Smt Gowri Shiva, and other devotees.  This was followed by a ‘Story of Sound’ workshop conducted by Dinesh Ramanan, youth member of G.O.D. The workshop focussed on the concept of what is sound, how it is generated and how it impacts on our lives.

The satsang concluded with mangala harathi by the temple priest and serving of prasad.


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