The Power of Right Thinking

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The Power of Right Thinking – a summary of the film ‘ The Secret ‘a movie based on a book by Rhonda Byrne on the Laws of Attraction.

As part of the Glenwood satsang we watched this movie and subsequenty  discussed the relevance in our day to day lives. The class found lot of value watching this film, thus for the benefit of everyone we have summarised the film.

 Everyone is trying to find the ‘real joy/happiness’ from various outward things such as having a huge house, latest car, thriving business etc. Research shows that having all these material things does not guarantee what we really want, which is ‘happiness’. So, we go for these outer things thinking they are going to bring happiness, but infact it takes us backwards. You need to go for the inner joy/peace first and all of the outer things will fall in place.


Our mind ( which is nothing but a collection of thoughts ) is like a magnet which produces a magnetic field. Magnetic field is not visible but iron gets attracted to the magnet and other metals gets repelled. Similarly we get drawn or attracted to what ever we are thinking.

We become what we think about and also we are attracted to what we think most. Therefore, make it absolutely clear in your mind what you want and hold on to these thoughts.

Most people always think what they don’t want or what they don’t like. Law of Attraction doesn’t care whether you perceive something is good or bad or whether you want it or don’t want it. It simply responds to your thought.

Ex: If you are sitting and just thinking about a mountain of problem over and over again, you are sending out signals to the universe affirming that you are feeling tensed, you are terrified , you are worried at every level of your being. The Law of Attraction is not biased, it manifests what you think. So you will end up getting into situations or events which gives you more worry, anxiety, tension etc.

When you are thinking of something that you don’t want ex: you are going for an interview and you don’t want to be late. So, you keep on focusing, “ I don’t want to be late, I don’t want to be late”.  You are wilfully calling on that. You will end up stopping at every signal, there may be a detour, there may be an accident which is stopping the traffic.

If you are thinking how bad it is, you are creating more how bad it is. Don’t focus on things that you don’t want, that you are afraid of or that you don’t want something to happen.

Focus on things that you want. If you focus on it with passion it makes it even faster for you. If your outlook is positive, you will attract positive people, events or circumstances.

If we are negative in outlook, angry, agitated all the time, disappointed, dejected, we will attract only grumpy people, events or situations.


Feelings let us know our thoughts. They are feed back mechanisms which tell us wether we are on track or off track.

When we have good feelings:

  • We  feel good.
  • We are very loving
  • We are grateful
  • We tend to forgive others
  • We are full of excitement and joy

Bad feelings makes you feel bad

  • We are depressed
  • Angry
  • Feel guilty
  • Dejected
  • Sad

Feeling good is important as this goes out as a signal to the universe and attracts more things that will make us feel good.

The more we celebrate good feelings,  the more we are drawn to good feelings.  Ex: when you wake up in a good mood, everything goes well the whole day. When you are happy, you make other people around you happy too.

Always imagine yourself living in abundance, prosperous and healthy.  Even if it is not don’t worry. The universe corresponds to the nature of that feeling and manifests as that of your feeling.

How to turn you life around


Make a list of things you are grateful.  Feel the feelings of gratitude.

This will shift our energy and the way we are thinking. All these years we may have been focusing on things that we didn’t have, complaining about others, complaining about our problems etc, but when we shift our thinking to what we already have instead of what we don’t have, it gives us a sense of happiness and this will bring more happiness into our lives

Appreciate even the little things people do for us. When we are appreciated we want to do more.


“When you visulaise, then you Materialise”

  • Decide what you want
  • Believe you can achieve it
  • Sit in a quiet spot, close your eyes everyday for several minutes, visualise having already what you want.
  • Come out of the visualisation
  • Focus on what you are grateful for the things you already have, be happy and go into your day
  • The universe will figure out how to manifest your wishes

When you are painting a picture in your mind always dwell on the end result. It is the feeling along with passion that creates the attraction and not the picture of the thought.

Take your attention away from what you don’t want and all the emotional charge around it. Place your attention on what you wish to experience – “Energy flows where attention goes”


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