Mahamantra Nama Sankirtan @ Jordan Springs

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Sat 26th March 2016
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Smt Aritha and Sri Srujan invited G.O.D satsang members to perform Mahamantra Nama Sankirtan on the auspicious occassion of house warming of their new home at Jordan Springs. Satsang was attended by a number of friends and relatives of the host family.

After the formal Gruha Pravesam ceremony by the hosts family priest, we conducted the satsang.

Satsang began with a welcome speech by Mallika. She said ‘it is indeed a great blessing to organise a satsang with mahamantra chanting at a house warming function.¬† Where ever Hari Nama Sankirtan is performed, Goddess Lakshmi, the embodiment of prosperity, good fortune, happiness and wealth also walks in to that place.

The program consisted of mahamantra chanting led by Smt Mallika Ramaswamy, Smt Usha Vijay and various namavalis and kirtans led by Mallika, Smt Sharmila Reddy and Madhurageetham class children РGayathri, Arundathi, Shreya, Anjana and Dhrithi . Sri Muthu Ramtchandirin spoke on the significance of chanting mahamantra  on the occassion of house warming ceremony and concluded the satsang with a prayer for good luck and well being of the host family.

Satsang concluded with mangala harathi and serving of prasadam.


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