Mahamantra Nama Sankirtan Satsang @ Prestons

19th February 2016


Smt Eshwin and Sri Niles Kumar organised mahamantra nama sankirtan satsang on the occassion of the birthday of their son Gavril Govinda.  Deepak ji expounded on some of the verses from ‘Kaliyayum balikollum’ with many interesting stories and analogies.

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Few lines from the host family:

Celebrations are a part of life but they only ever become an ongoing celebration of life when we remember the essence of life -Shri Radhewar Bhagwaan Krishna.

Gavril Govinda is a blessing to our family and his birthday is one of the most important dates in our family calendar. Celebrating his 9th birthday with a Hari Naam Sankirtan on Friday, Feb 19th was inspired by God’s and Guruji’s blessings.

As the divine names and glories of Bhagwaan flowed like divine Ganges, our home and souls were filled with joy, peace and euphoria that is beyond description. While tears were on the verge of escaping down cheeks there was also the unmistakable rhythm in bodies – a state of losing self and washing away in the surge of devotion. Though not seen through our eyes, Bhagwaan with his most pure devotees was also there. It is only through his grace that there was strength in our voices and bodies to continue with Naam Sankirtan for a couple of hours.

Govinda is definitely a very fortunate child who had so many devotees  present to bless him and at the same time partake in the Naam Sankirtan as this event is only accessible to the dear and pure souls who are looking for that path back to Bhagawaan.

May Gods grace shower on everyone and we all find our lifes’ purpose in HARI Naam.

Radhe Radhe

Sat Guru Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

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