Guru Poornima celebrations 2015


The first full moon day after the solstice is of immense significance to people in pursuit of inner well-being. The scriptures decree that the Guru concept and tradition is a thousand times intensified on this day providing an opportunity for people to dwell in the thought of their Guru and make their offerings in gratitude. The energy and intent of the assemblage at the sannidhi of Sri Madhuri Sakhi sametha Sri Premika Vardahan and Sri Muralidara Swamiji was very consistent with the concept of the day. Quite a few chose to narrate incidents, some sang kirtans and others saw the lighter side of Swamiji but the purpose was singular, a revered recollection of Sri Swamiji’s grace on them.

There was hardly any sign of fatigue in Mythreyi in spite of arriving in Sydney just then as she narrated with passion and vigour the blessings and the compassion Sri Swamji has been showering on her. In spite of having a different and decided view in her overseas education plan since a long period of time, she had no hesitation in accepting Swamiji’s suggestion to pursue her studies in the USA. Dinesh drew the attention in his typical style to Swamiji’s wit and humor narrating a story from the Master’s “Brindavan and Nandakumara”. Sitara who is in pursuit of musical production dedicated her maiden effort to Swamiji and stunned everybody by playing the Mahamantra masterpiece rendered in western style. The melody was out of the world, beyond belief and is sure to make huge waves of impact when the album gets released. Many others sang Swamiji’s divine kirtans in turn with great dedication. The children from the “Madhura Geetham” – Anjana, Dhrithi, Gayathri, Arundathi and Shreya lined up to sing on their own in unbelievable enthusiasm, a great credit to their talented teacher Mallika for her dedicated effort. Just back from his US holiday where he delivered an amazing discourse, young Siddharth sang a very popular kirtan of Swamiji. The other budding pracharak Ashwin summed it all up with the masterpiece “vizhi kidaikkuma” that brought the audience to spell bound attention.

By the way, all this unfolded in the final couple of hours of the 12-hour programme for the Guru Purnima event. In the lead up period since 8.30 am, it was all Nama chanting with participants arriving in regular streams throughout the day. The Mahamantra is so close to Swamiji’s heart and is central to all the G.O.D efforts.

In closing, the secretary of the organization, Raviji announced a memorable milestone in the upcoming Namadwaar building. The key to the building has just been received. He asked the participants to pray for opportunity to serve Swamiji – a very apt prayer for the holy day of Guru Purnima.

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