Gopal’s Faith

Little Gopal and his mother lived in a hut in a small village. Gopal had lost his father at a very young age. His mother loved him very much and looked after him. When Gopal turned five, it was time for him to join school. His mother had carefully saved all her money for his schooling as she wanted him to study well and become a great man.

Gopal was very excited about school, but he was a little worried. The school was located in the neighbouring village and he had to walk through a dense forest to reach it. He had never gone anywhere alone and now he had to cross a forest all by himself. He was worried and scared and asked his mother if she could come with him. His mother replied sadly, ‘If I come with you, we will lose the whole day’s wages. I am sorry, my child, but I cannot come’. Gopal understood this but was still afraid to go alone.

Seeing his worry his mother thought of a way to cheer him up. She said, ‘Gopal, you don’t worry. There is someone who can drive away all your fears and be with you in times of need. He is your brother Krishna. In fact, the forest is his home’. She was talking about Lord Sri Krishna whose smile and loving eyes can wipe away all fears. But little Gopal thought that he really had a brother called Krishna who lived in the forest. And he was overjoyed to hear this.

The next morning, he was cheerful and set off for school. But as soon as he entered the big forest, his fear returned when he realised he was all alone. The noises of wild animals and birds made his heart thump loudly. But he remembered his mother’s words and called out, ‘Krishna! O brother Krishna, where are you? As soon as he called out to Krishna, he heard the sweet sound of a flute. Gopal followed the music and saw a handsome young boy with peacock feather on his head. He was leaning against a tree and playing a flute. Gopal at one knew that it was Krishna, his brother.

Gopal happily ran to him and said, ‘Krishna, my dear brother! Mum said I’d find you here. I am so happy to see you’. Krishna looked at Gopal with love and said, ‘Gopal, I am always here. Whenever you need me, just call out my name. I’ll come to you’. Krishna walked Gopal to his school.

After school, Gopal was eager to meet Krishna in the forest and play with him. Krishna kept his promise and came to him as soon as Gopal called out to him. They played happily together for a while and then Krishna led him home through the forest.

Back home, Gopal told his mother everything about how he had found Krishna just as she had said, about school, and his walk back home with Krishna. But the mother thought that Gopal had indeed imagined Krishna and was happy that he was not afraid of walking to school by himself anymore.

Soon Gopal started bringing home butter, sweets and milk that tasted divine. When questioned by his mother, Gopal explained that they were gifts from Krishna. But his mother, in her disbelief was curious about what Gopal did in the forest and where he really got the gifts from. So, she decided to accompany him to school one day. Gopal was happy about this, because he would finally get a chance to introduce Krishna to his mother. As they entered the forest, Gopal called out, ‘Krishna, I am here. Where are you? Please come to me’. Krishna came running towards him and gave him some flowers. Gopal turned excitedly and said, ‘Mum, look what my brother Krishna got for me! Look at these lovely flowers. Look, Look!’.

Gopal’s mother was surprised. She could see the flowers but she could not see Krishna who had brought the flowers. This brought tears to her eyes and she cried to Krishna, wondering why He would not show himself to her. At that moment, through Krishna’s grace, she understood the reason. Gopal had pure and strong faith that made him actually see Krishna whenever he called out to him, while she herself was lacking in that simple faith. Those like Gopal who call out to the Lord with complete faith, love and trust can even see, talk and play with the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.

Krishna is everywhere. You only need to put your faith in him and let him lead your way.

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