2012 Events Summary

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26th Feb 2012, Prayer Session at Crestwood

Sri Muthu welcomed the people on behalf of G.O.D Australia and briefly spoke on the activities of our organization and about chanting the divine names as the best solution to instil Bhakti in the heart as propagated by our beloved Guru Maharaj.. He also outlined the agenda for the day and introduced Deepakji- the speaker of the day. Mahamantra chanting and Sri Swamiji’s kirtans were sung for half an hour. After this, Deepakji delivered a wonderful discourse on the topic Bhakta, Bhakthi Bhagvant Guru. He explained that the very purpose of this God given wonderful gift of creation is to seek and appreciate the Creator Himself just as a dog would trace the scent to its source. Being a passive believer, is not much better than non-belief as put by him. He pointed out that the Shastras , Saints and Mahapurushas have all indicated that chanting the Divine Names is the only way to put an end to this indefinite cycle of birth and death as a permanent solution. He also beautifully explained the Bhakta, Bhakthi Bhagvant Guru with an analogy of Japa mala as follows: The Lord’s Bhaktas, Bhagavan’s Bhakti, Bhagavan Himself and the Sadguru who awakens the latent love for Bhagavan are 4 in name only in actual fact they are one and the same. They represent a Garland Japa- Mala- which consists of a) Sutra thread b) beads c) Sumeru large bead d) pendant (phundana) Thread is Bhakti. Main Sumeru bead is larger than the normal bead and resides on the top of all.Pendant colourful through is infinite and symbolises manifestations and avatar .Where there is one the other 3 are automatically there. These cannot be separated. Deepakji informed that in this Bhakta Bhakti Bhagavant Guru Series we will look at charitras and inspirational lives of great Devotees from the Puranic times as well as the from recent times. He then narrated the story of the great Pandarpur Bhaktha Sakku bhai for whom Lord Vittala himself took her form and replaced her in her house and did all the house chores, underwent sufferings, so that she can go and have his Darshan. After the talk, Prayers were done by chanting the Mahamantra in response to the requests received by Sri Jayanthiji and the program was concluded. The event was well received and attended by more than 50 people.
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2nd Feb 2012, Weekly Skype Class

Weekly SKYPE classes resumed for 2012. This weeks highlights: Sri Swamiji’s kirtan Hare Rama” sung by Smt Jayashree Ramakrishnan “Fond memories of bliss” – incidents read by Sri Venkat Ramanan Chanting by ALL

3rd Feb 2012, Bhagavatam Class 2012

Srimad Bhagavatam study group for 2012 commenced on Friday, 3rd February at the sannadhi of Sri Madhuri Sakhi sametha Sri Premika Varadan. The session started with the chanting of Mahamantra. This was followed by a wonderful talk on Poothna uddhar by our Gopa Kuteeram student Vandan Raisinghani. Little Vandan explained that it is Poothna uddhar and not Poothna vadh and narrated the story beautifully. Devotees chanted the Bhagavatam dhyana shlokas, Kunti stuthi & Beeshma stuthi and sang a few keerthans of Sri Guruj, followed by Dolotsav.

4th Feb 2012, Group Chanting at Parramatta

Group chanting was organised at Smt Sharmila and Sri Rajanikant’s residence in Parramatta. Smt Sharmila and Sri Rajanikant are ardent devotees of Sri Swamiji. The satsang began with the chanting of dhyana slokas, followed by Nama Sankirtan. Smt Sharmila shared a nama anubhava. Sri Swamiji’s kirtans were by satsang members. Satsang concluded with the chanting of ” Kaliyaiyum balikollum, Anajaneya Rama and mangala harathi.

5th Feb 2012, Lecture by Sarojaji

Ayodhya Kandam. Preparations were in full swing for the crowning of Shri Rama, but all of a sudden the entire scene changed leading to his exile. When Shri Rama was summoned to be advised of this, he gladly accepted without any reaction and with the same ever smiling calm face which Adhishankara refers to Sumukaya in his Sahasranama Bhashyam. Shri Rama looks upon his father and mother as living Gods and accepts their decision happily reinforcing the shasthras that mention Mathru Devo Bhava and Pithru Devo Bhava. The underlying value- IMPLICIT OBEDIENCE TO FATHER & MOTHER When Lakshmana learns about this he is furious and could not come to terms with this. Shri Rama consoles him by saying that this is nothing but Providence and no one can escape. Here Sarjoji narrated the story of Padmapada the disciple of Adishankara who was insane for a while and emphasised the fact that even realised souls cannot escape destiny. UNQUESTIONABLY NOBODY CAN OVERCOME DESTINY-ACCEPT IT AS IT IS- another beautiful value. Aranya Kandam Shabari was a hunterwoman who attained liberation just by following the Guru’s instruction. The SHRADDHA with which she chanted Raam nama given by her Guru and her GURU KAIMKARYAM are beautiful values. Her Guru Bhakthi and the way in which she saw her Guru in everything brought upon her abundant GURU KRUPA that gave her moksham in the presence of the Bhagvan himself as Sri Vedanta Desikan puts Sabari Moksha Sakshibhuta. Kishkinda Kandam When Vali was slained by Rama’s arrow, he sees the Rama Nama in the arrow and calls upon Rama. Rama immediately goes to him and gives reason for slaying him. Vali is convinced and he prays to Lord Rama requesting him to look after his son Angathan. What a wonderful value this teaches us- PRAY TO THE LORD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE TO TAKE CARE OF US- After all we are all his children. Yuddha Kandam Vibeeshan decides to quit the company of Ravan and surrender to Lord Rama. When he comes and surrenders himself to Rama there were four other Rakshas who came with him. In spite of Sugreevan and others advising not to give Sharanagathi to Vibeeshan, the Lord not only accepts Vibeeshan but also the other four who came along with him. Later when Sugreevan asks Rama why he did this, Rama explains that his GURU would not have liked Vibeeshan being refused Sharanagathi and that is why he accepted him, In other word even the Lord would not like to do thing that would upset the GURU and always wanted to do things to PLEASE THE GURU- Truly a great value that we all should take up. Uthara Kandam During Sri Rama Pattabishekam, the Lord gives gifts to everyone. He realises that Manthara is not present and goes to see Manthara himself with Lakshman and Sita Devi. On seeing all of them Mantra cries, repents and asks Rama to punish her. Rama not only forgives Manthra, but also orders Lakshman and Sita to prostrate to her and request her to come and get the gifts and also restores her to her original position in the kingdom. The Lord shows the most important value to be followed in today’s world FORGIVE AND FORGET. After Sarojaji’s wonderful discourse, Jayanthiji beautifully explained how prayers are means of communicating to God and in particular how effective the mass prayers are. All the prayer requests were submitted to the Lotus Feet of Guruji and Shri Premika varadhan with Mahamantra chanting. Jayanthiji concluded with request to all to include Mahamantra chanting in their everyday prayers. This special program was attended by more than 70 people from the local area and surrounds and similar programs have been.

16th Feb 2012, Weekly Skype Class

This weeks highlights: Sri Swamiji’s kirtans sung by Smt Indira Ramamoorthy, Smt Anitha Murali and Ashwin Bhaskaran Sri Muthu ji spoke few incidents from the life of Sri Papa Ramadas Swamiji Chanting by ALL

14-19th Mar 2012, Fiji Trip

Following the previous visit to Fiji by Dr Bhagayanathan-ji (Personal Secretary for Sri Sri Swamiji) and self, Global Organisation for Divinity (G.O.D) Australia had decided that a follow-up visit to Fiji was necessary due to the popular demand from previous visits. Again it was my fortune to be chosen to go on this 6 day trip. Left for Fiji on the Wednesday the 14th of March which just happened to be my birthday. With prayers at the feet of Shri Swamiji, I left Australia. Wed 14th Evening Arrived in Nadi to travel to Lautoka where the first program was to be held. Again it was at the quarters of our Nareshji. Since it was in the premises of the FIJIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, the resident students were invited to the satsang. All together there were about 60 students (undergraduate Teachers) present. Began the satsangh with Namasankirtana. This was followed by a 45 minute talk. Generally spoke on the topic of “What is real intelligence” and ended the session with Nama Mahima and Nama sankirtan. This was followed by an Informal session with the youth.

“Really enjoyed speaking to our youth who are about to embark on professional teaching a student at Fiji national university and I attended your program at Mr Naresh Chand place. I would say it had been a wonderful program. it really had been a learning program where we had many important things that we must consider for a successful life. I must thank you and your organisation for programs such as this….”Asheel Prakash Fiji National University

Sunday 16th March

On the 16th of March, we had a programme scheduled at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Primary school in Suva. At 8:45, we arrived at the school and were received by the Principal Surendra Kumar. After a brief introduction of the school and its history by our lovely principle, everyone proceeded towards the assembly area where students from year 5 to year 8 had assembled . The session for the senior primary went for 30 minutes. It was quite interactive. Session began with some attention grabbing activities which paved the path for session in which it was obvious that every single student were totally tuned in. This was evident by the fact that they were so enthusiastic and participated very well in the very interactive session. Various concepts and values were discussed. Starting with respecting Parents and Teachers to loving all and prayer Parables of a pencil, butterfly in a cocoon, woodcutter were shared to emphasise values like Education and its importance, challenges and success, mental focus prayer and Mahamantra. The program ended with a prayer. All the students participated with great fervour and the sounds of Mahamantra resonated in the School. Session ended with a staff thanking the children and G.O.D Australia for the session and requested G.O.D to continue to frequent the school to provide more of such programs After a short break the session with students from year 1 to year 4 commenced with a few games. Thereafter we interacted with the students on the topic of Australia and Mahatma Gandhi. It was a great response. Thereafter, the students were taken through some basic concepts of importance of school and education and respecting teachers , students and fellow pupils. After sharing a couple of moral stories, we spoke on Prayers and its importance. Thereafter the kids were requested to pray to the LORD with the Mahamantra. Again, there was a unified chanting of Mahamantra by the students present. Session ended after formal acknowledgements.

3 Day Ram Katha Vatuwaqa Ram Krishna Temple 15th, 16th and 17th March

Day 1 Ram Krishna Temple is a temple with a very great history for the followers of Sanatan Dharma in Fiji. A programme organised by some aspiring Devotees of Sri Swamiji for me to speak at this temple for 3 days on Values from Ramayana First nights program started with the Welcoming of the Chief guest Dr Mishra, who is the Director odf the Indian Cultural Center from Indian Embassy. In a 90 minute session, I firstly introduced G.O.D and its mission. Greatness of Satsang was initially shared with everyone. Sri Swamiji’s kirtan “Aagacha Aagacha sajjana Sangama” was sung and elaborated on. Thereafter the greatness of Sri Ramayana and in particular Ram Charit Manas was touched on. Touching on the essence of Rama Charit Manas we spoke on the essence of RCM being Rama Nama. After touching on the greatness of Namasankirtana, spoke on a small charitra of Sri Hanumanji from Sundarkand touching on the esoteric meanings of the same. The program concluded with Mahamantra. The program was attended by about 70 people Day 2 The second night’s program again began with felicitation of the chief Guests. Satsangh commenced with Mahamantra singing. Initially spoke on the importance and greatness of the human birth. Again, emphasis was given on the greatness of attaining the company of the holy souls. Highlighted on how gratitude to Bhagavan is the key to happiness and satisfaction in life. Thereafter, various other incidents from Sundarkand were spoken on. The amazing and inspiring traits of Anjaneya Swami were taken as valuable lessons for our life. I illustrated how Hanuman ji represents the Guru. Touched on the greatness of GURU and Sadhu and how by merely pleasing the GURU, one can easily attain that liberation which even alludes the great Yogis. Prayacchati Guru preeto vaikuntha Yogi durlabham The program concluded with Mahamantra. The program was attended by about 150 people Post program I had the wonderful experience of speaking with many Bhaktas present who personally approached and gave their feedback. By the grace of Sri Swamiji it was really an amazing response to the katha. Many people personally asked if they could chant Mahamantra and what is required to chant and asked if we could write and give it to them to chant. Day 3 Prominent heads of various Hindu organisations had attended the 3rd day satsangh. The satsangh commenced with Namasankirtana. Opened the satsangh by speaking on the glories of Shravana Bhakti. Highlighted that it is a vital part of Bhagavat Dharma and is extremely simple. Continuing on the values from Sri Ramayana, spoke about how Sri Hanumanji went in search for Shri Sitaji. Covered the episode of Hanumanji meeting with Vibhishana highlighting on the importance of GURU and Nama. Moved on to explain the significance of Sadhu sanga as this is what leads him to Sri Rama and subsequently performing Sharanagathy. After speaking on the compassionate nature of Bhagavan, concluded the Satsangh with Requesting everyone to take up this simple process of Nama Chanting in particular this Mahamantra. The satsangh ended with a Mass prayer. Thereafter gave a concluding talk again on the vision of Sri Swamiji to establish a Namadwaar in Fiji for the benefit of all. The Satsangh was attended by 170 people. All came to take Prasad of Sri Swamiji. All in all it was a very successful 3 days of satsangh. Many were requesting to host another programme in the near future. Many prayer requests for submitted which was taken by self. And the most wonderful thing was the word Namadwaar was on everyone’s lips. Visit to individual houses in the Community of Vatuwaqa. I spent most of the next day visiting these homes in the local area (squatters area) conducting a small prayer in the homes of more then 10 families in front of Shri Swamiji’s Holy Paduka. On a very personal note, I had an eye-opening experience seeing the struggles of our fellow brothers and sisters and the conditions they were living in. This experience would stay with me forever. I felt that my Master had sent me here to learn (as he does in all situations). Made arrangements immediately for those households needing immediate relief with regards to the essentials. Details of Many children with issues with school fees were taken and to be followed up. Promised a family living in very treacherous conditions that we will take measures to provide proper housing. Satsangh in Nausori 18th March This was the last evening session for this trip. It was a small, very much informal satsangh at the house of my Uncle (kaka/chittapaa) in Nausori. Some close families were invited. Spoke generally on the goal of human life and how we should not miss this truly rare opportunity of a human birth which nothing but the causeless mercy of the LORD. Emphasising the simplicity and greatness of the LORD’s name as our only solace in this Kali, we ended the satsangh with Mahamantra and prayer for all present. Thereafter we had a wonderful Q&A session with the the devotees present. Many present shared their desire to surrender to Sri Swamiji. They all received the Prasad of Sri Swamiji. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Secondary School Sky is the Limit Programme with Mass Prayer Monday 19th March was the last day of the tour. The final programme was to be held at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Secondary School. MGM is run by the Gujarati Samaj of Fiji. This was a programme I was really looking forward to. MGM is one of the top performing schools in whole of Fiji. Arrived at 8am to be greeted by our lovely Principal. At 8:15 we were escorted to the assembly arena where the students (750 Strong) and teachers (approx 30) had assembled. After a short introduction by our hosts, I started the 45 minute address of the assembly. I was advised earlier that the theme for the week was Honesty. Began my talk by giving a background on G.O.D Australia, Sri Swamiji and his vision and how it ties with our programmes schools. After entering the school premises in the morning I noticed a signage stating the vision of the school, stating Vision: To Nurture the Whole Person in Head, Heart and Hand. This was a wonderful premise for the talk. Hands implying Physical Strength, Head implying Intellectual strength and Heart implying Mental strength. Using this premise, I spoke on the importance of mental strength and techniques to achieve that. Gave various anecdotes highlighting some important values. Talk concluded by highlighting the strength of prayers. Finally and most importantly led a mass prayer with Mahamantra with everyone. Heart was filled with satisfaction and joy to hear everyone repeating the Mahamantra. After the session, when the principal was bidding me goodbye, with teary eyes she expressed her gratitude for the program and requested us to run a session next time for the teachers as they themselves would love to learn more about inspiring students to imbibe such universal values to excel themselves in all walks of life. ….With gratitude in my heart towards my beloved Master, for the wonderful blessing he bestowed on us to do this Kainkarya/service I left for the Airport praying that HE continues to engage me in more and more of such service. (I beg your pardon for the errors in this diary) Sarvam Gurur-arpanamastu – Humble offering to 2the Lotus feet of our Beloved Swamiji FIJI Diaries 3.

1st Apr 2012, Puranava Heritage Quiz

The Global Organisation for Divinity (G.O.D) was back onto the cultural scene yet again with a fresh new concept and lots of energy to match. Puranava, their newest initiative, was a heritage quiz contest based on the famous Hindu epic, Ramayana, in celebration of Sri Rama Navami. The contest held on 1st April 2012, was open to children from ages 10 to 16 and garnered 6 strong teams of which one was crowned winner. The Global Organisation for Divinity is a non-profit organisation founded by the Sydney devotees of Sri Muralidhara Swamiji with the prime objective of popularising the Rama Nama Mahamantra as ordained by the Swamiji. With that as the main objective, Puranava was inaugurated with Siddharth Murali as the MC. As all auspicious occasions do, Puranava started off with prayers and the chanting of the Mahamnatra to bless the event. This was sung by the children from Gopakuteeram, another G.O.D initiative. Gopakuteeram aims to educate and empower children about their faith and heritage through monthly classes. The children did the invocation with the chanting of the Mahamantra 11 times with the audience joining. An incredible vibration was felt in the hall, the energy and excitement almost palpable. A very entertaining story by Vandan Raisinghani followed, in which the young boy recounted the story of Ramayana while interjecting his own quirky observations much to the enjoyment of the audience. He concluded very aptly by saying that chanting the Nama is true happiness in the analogy: if jewelry adorns the face then the Nama adorns the lips. Two year old Skanda Kulkarni then wowed the audience by chanting few verses from “Nama Ramayana”. Initially, Skanda shied away from the mike however as he went on, he warmed up to it and delivered a great performance supported by his encouraging mother. Lathika Shekhar then took stage and sang two soulful renditions of Rama bhajans. With the celebration of Rama Navami well under way, it was time for Puranava the quiz contest to begin. Sujit Vasudevan served as the host and quite an entertaining one too! His delivery of the questions combined with his quick wit and excellent timing made the evening an enjoyable one for the audience. 12 children were divided into 6 pairs and given a team name A, B, C, D, E and F respectively. They competed in five rounds which were direct questions, charades, rapid fire, tough or easy option and audio/visual. Throughout the first half, the children participated enthusiastically, answering all questions quickly and correctly, much to the elation of the adult audience. As the first half was brought to a close, Siddharth introduced Ashwin Bhaskaran, a member of the G.O.D Youth wing. Ashwin spoke about G.O.D’s aims and Sri Swamiji’s message of inner transformation through Mahamantra Chanting as the path to universal peace. It was also during this short break that the chief guest, Mr Raju Varanasi was introduced. As the Director of the Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre, Mr Varanasi promotes a culture of innovation and organisational learning across NSW Department of Education and Communities. His presence at Puranava served to strengthen the educational message of our puranas. Just like his work, the event was presenting our traditional culture in an innovative light and encouraged learning in a fun, positive way. Mr Varanasi then proceeded to say a few words in his short address in which he expressed his delight at G.O.D’s initiative and how it bridges the gap between our heritage and children. Puranava resumed with four of the six teams remaining, two teams having been eliminated. The final rounds were entered with increasing excitement and anticipation from the audience as the teams battled to win first place. In the end, Team B consisting of Bharath Yalandur and Skanda Jagadish, were crowned winners of Puranava 2012. All in all, the evening proved to be one of great contrasts. The traditional context of our puranas as the backdrop of the innovative and engaging quiz turned out to be quite popular as the question/answer session concept is rooted in our culture. Our biggest epic, the Bhagavad Gita serves to convey its message through the medium of a question/answer session. So, what better than to gather the future of our generation, children and get them to learn about their own roots in a positive, encouraging manner? Puranava 2012 was just that. It was the connection between the future and the past that we must strengthen for time to come. May initiatives like Puranava keep prospering!

6th – 8th Apr 2012, G.O.D. Melbourne Programs

GOD Australia, with the blessings of Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, organised Hanumadh Prabhavam at Melbourne Venue Glen Waverley Primary School on the 6th and 7th April (6 p.m to 8 p.m). Eleven devotees from Sydney headed by Deepakji landed in Melbourne with zeal and enthusiasm. The Only Motive Here Was To Spread and Share The Love Of Their master With Fellow Victorians. The programme was planned for three days (it wasn’t enough). The program Started With A Bang On Good Friday. Hanumad Prabhavam was celebrated with a vibrant Hari Katha by Deepakji, accompanied by the Eager Young Minds (Siddharth And Ashwin) and Deepakji’s Cousins. The 3rd day was focused on Nama Mahima, through Discourse and keerthans at Murugar Temple In Sunshine And Durga Temple At Rock Bank. (Good Friday, Best Friday would be more fitting – 8/4/2012)

The first day started with a sathsang session was started with mahamanthra and a warm welcome address. The Melbourne crowd was briefed on the growing activities of the G.O.D in various parts of the world, with a base in Chennai. Dr Prasad introduced the chief guest Sri Vasan Srinivasan, President of FIAV ( Federation of the Indian Association of Victoria), which is one of the foremost association within the Australian Community for Indians. Mr. Vasan Srinivasan who hails from Chennai has an excellent track record of contribution for the Indian community. Mr. Vasan spoke briefly about their families connections with kanchi Maha periyava. He aptly shared with the devotees, a particular incident at the Holy Kancheepuram mutt. The hall was full and scene was set to celebrate Hanumans’ glories and Rama bhakthi. Deepakji was very well accompanied by a professional music band. Thanks to Shalind and Raj who organized all the music systems and people for playing the instruments Deepakji started the discourse with the divine qualities of Hanuman. Deepakji captured the children’s and elders’ attention by the childhood incidents of hanuman. Deepakji did inspire the audience, especially the children to aim at higher things in life, while remaining humble and loyal to the Lord by always was chanting the Rama Nama. In great detail he expounded on the art of public speaking. Deepakji mentioned that Lord Rama was mesmerized by Hanuman speech. By saying this, Deepakji began to mesmerize the Melbourne crowd. During this, the boys sang few keerthans from Madhurageetham. Deepakji mentioned about Tulsidas Goswami, being inspired by Sugriva, who was interested in quenching his thirst for worldly desires, but had sadhusangam in Hanuman. This reiterated the importance of satsang especially in this material world. Mother Nature also was happy outside as there were showers, while they sang the song “Barsath Barsath sathguru Kripa…Managala Aarti was performed by Subbu ji and we all enjoyed the prasad. During this time there was excellent feedback and many of the devotees bought books and CDs from the stall. Some of the bhakthas offered to bring Prasad from their homes, the next day.

The second day (7/4/2012) also started promptly at 6 pm and we had newer faces to listen to the discourse, which was in itself, a testimony to His Grace. Madhurageetham by Ashwin and Siddarth was the icing on the cake. Vibhishana Sharanaagathi / Angulya pradhanam were enjoyable and inspiring. Deepakji said that no matter how much we try, we will always fall short, when it comes to explaining the Guru’s Grace. Anjaneya swami who is verily the Guru swaroopam is known for his Vinayam and Deepakji exhibited this same character. There were lighter moments in the discourse, when Deepakbhai told that before the superheroes of today ( like Superman) could exist , Hanu- man is the original and true superhero, who had the rare qualities of Devotion, Knowledge, Physical and mental strength along with Humility. We had a prayer session with Mahamanthra towards the end. The importance of prayer and the need for this by all living beings was emphasized. This was powerful, as mass prayers always are. Guruji’s analogy of the fragrance of a single rose with that of the fragrance from a Rose garden, when it comes to praying in a group was visible. The feedback was encouraging. Many of the devotees requested for more sathsangs like these.

The third day started with Kirthans at the Murugan temple. Vidhyaji’s father offered to play the mirudhagam. It was after 40 years that he played the mirudhangam, but he did not lose touch. Ashwin and Siddharth sang Bho shambo and many of Guruji’s kirthans with Naamavali. Their dedication was visible through their songs. When Ashwin sang Kandha va va, I was reminded of Gurujis favourite verse from Kandhar Anubhoothi Adum parivel ani sevalena, paadum paniyae paniyaai arulvai. Ashwin and Siddharth’s Guru seva by making everyone listen to our Guruji’s inspired outpourings is going to explode all over. There were visible signs of this, when the devotees enquired about them repeatedly. We travelled to the Durga temple from here and journey was eventful, when Vidhyaji lost the way momentarily. Upon arrival, we had a tour of the new temple building, where our Premika Varadhan is going to set foot in the next year. At this temple, Deepakji spoke in Hindi about Nama Mahima and Gurubhakthi, preceded by Siddarth’s masterpiece on Bhagavan Nama Bhodhendra Saraswathi swamigal. It could only happen with His Grace. The youth group from Sydney brings in a lot of energy/ Guru bhakthi and it was a joyous experience to see Gautham, Saranya and Sharadha doing their part wholeheartedly, behind the scenes. Guru kainkarya in every way was experienced. Needless to mention about the proud mothers, Anithaji and Kavithaji were instrumental in housekeeping and keeping everybody on track. Ramananji’s arrival was a pleasant surprise to everyone and he led the troops in his unique efficient style. In between, we had Madhurasmaranam by Deepakji, this alone would be sufficient to yearn for more Guru bhakthi. This was a grand success and only a Divine plan can work this way and blessed are we, who even try to serve the Master Radhe Radhe

25th Aug 2012, Melbourne GK Launch

The new centre for Gopakuteeram near Melbourne C.B.D was launched with as much as 18 children in attendance. They were new enrollments but really excited to be part of the Gopakuteeram class. Vidyaji engaged the children in an interesting and absorbing session while the parents participated in the adults satsang which was organised by Kamakshiji at the new centre.

25th Nov 2012, GK Annual Day

Gopakuteeram Australia, an educational wing of Global Organisation for Divinity organised their annual day at Crestwood Community Centre, Crestwood on 25 November 2012. The teachers and volunteers had made all preparations for the event. The hall was aptly decorated. The beaming children arrived in traditional Indian costumes. All guests were looking forward to the programme. The programme commenced in time with young MCs, Easha and Avishay formally welcoming the guests. An innocation prayer – The Mahamantra, was rendered by the children to begin the program. Mr Soma Sekar, Secretary of Global Organisation for Divinity, delivered the welcome address and shared the vision, purpose and three-pronged activities of Global Organisation for Divinity, including Prayers, Education and Community Services. In his address, Mr Sekar shared the vision of Gopakuteeram as a worldwide venture which aimed to provide value-based, spiritual education based on the principles of Sanatana Dharma, to children from ages 5-15. The cultural programme started with Slokas Chanting and Bhajan singing by the older children from Level 2 of Gopakuteeram Classes. They started with Dhyana Sloka and finished with a Ram Bhajan, Raghupati Raghav Rajaram. The audience was enthralled by the chanting of Sanskrit Slokas by these children. The hall was reverberating with the chants of the slokas and the mood was set for the evening. This year, on November 21 it was Gopashtmi Day. Very aptly the junior kids from Level 1 of Gopakuteeram Classes performed the skit depicting Lord Krishna’s Leela (play of the lord) on Mount Govardhan. Whilst Namadev Sekar of Youth Group narrated the story and dialogues, the young actors confidently performed the acts,.which were greatly appreciated by the guests. The exuberance of these kids was infectious for the audience. To conclude the skit, five girls aged between 4 and 7 years danced to the Krishna Bhajan, Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo. The audience was transported to the land of Gopis by this beautiful performance. Level 2 children then communicated the learnings of the whole year from Gopakuteeram in the form of a cleverly depicted skit, where Lord Narada comes down to Earth yet again to find eroding values in the children of this age. But His faith is restored on hearing the Gopakuteeram students speak about Ramayana, Bhagwatam and Puranas, and the values they draw from these scriptures. Thereafter, the young children from Level 1 took the stage and recited slokas they had learnt through the year. The ease and confidence with which they chanted the slokas was highlight for the whole audience. Mr Balasubramaniam, teacher of Gopakuteeram presented a brief report on the activities of Gopakuteeram Australia. Following this, he opened the floor for a brief Q&A, where parents had their opportunity to provide suggestions and ask questions about the Gopakuteeram program. The programme came to a close with Graduation Ceremony for all students of Gopakuteeram for this year. Students were presented with certificates and little gifts. This was followed by Hanuman Chalisa recitation and Mahamantra Chanting by Level 2 children. All the parents had enjoyed the Annual Day Celebrations and were very pleased with the learning outcomes of their children.

19th – 25th May 2013, Baghavatha Sapthaha by Kumari Poornima Kumarasami

The week from 19 to 25 May, was like a festive season for the local community and particularly to the families of GOD (Global Organisation for Divinity) Melbourne. There was glitter, buzz and rhythm in the activities leading up to the Sapthaha. Bhagavatha Parayanam was in the morning starting from 5:30 am and it went like a breeze until well past 1:00 pm some days. Smt. Latha Ramamurthy was simply absorbed, fully dedicated and totally cheerful doing the parayanam of Bhagavatha puranam for the seven days continuously. People thronged the doors of Uma and Prabhakar to listen and participate in this parayanam, bringing in flowers, incense and prasadam every morning and afternoon. The aroma of incense, flowers and pal payasam (Milk and rice pudding) filled the air reminding the divine presence of Bhagavatham and the Lord himself. The atmosphere has transformed there with Lord Krishna and Rukmani adorning their house with beautiful decorations of flowers and maa- kolam (Floor drawings done with white rice flour made into a paste to draw). It was perhaps the first time in Melbourne that the Bhagavatha Parayanam was done in 7 days by a single person, thanks to Latha Mami. In the evenings people came in swarm for the Sapthaha talks by Smt. Poornima-ji @ Waverley Meadows Primary School in Wheelers Hill. Winter chill and an occasional drizzle were no deterrent to the fervour with which people came to the talks. The numbers coming to the talks steadily increased day by day culminating in an overflowing hall on the final day. Every day, the talks began with the kirthans of our Guru Maharaj and the chanting of the Maha Manthra as well as devotional singing by local artists, music schools, dance performance, invocations prayers and slokas by Gopa Kuteeram children. These cultural events added and enhanced the tempo in the hall. Thanks to Gopa Kuteeram children, the teachers and sevaks that trained them, Aneka Srinivasan of Sapthaswara Music School, Kalpanaji, Kamakshiji, Raghuveer and Narayan Kasturi Rangan, Pradyot Ganapathy, students of Bharatha Kalanjali school, Smt. Rathika Mahadeva, Smt. Vandana Sivagnanam and The Ladies Group from Keerthana Music School. Poornimaji started the talks every day with the Bhagavatha Namavali (108 Names of the Lord from Bhagavatham) and the dhyana slokas and Arathi to the Lord. The Bhakti bhava, devotional disposition, the fervour for the Lord, complete conviction on His grace and her sincere and constant study of the scriptures just flowed through like a continuous stream, sometimes even thundering like a waterfall, delivering the nectar of devotion for the Lord and the leela of the Lord and illustrious life stories of His Bhaktas. The listeners felt transformed by the many puranas where the Lord simply poured unconditional love and compassion to Bhaktas even when they defied the Lord. Many felt mesmerised by the scholarship and mellifluous delivery of the purana and the mahathmiyam (essence) by Smt. Poornima-ji. Some had tears in their eyes, delighted and transported by messages delivered. The seventh and final day was the culmination of the festivities, parayanam and the sapthaha talks with a grand celebration of Krishnan Jananam and Rukmani Kalyanam. The organisers were meticulous and left no stone unturned; Paruppu Thengai (decorative sweets in the shape of a pair of cones with flower decorations and betel leaves, Malliga Poo (Jasmine Flowers), Seervarisai Murukku and Athirasam (special and rare delicacies reserved for auspicious occasions), Pattu vastrams (silk garments), Mangalyam (gold pendant as a mark of marriage union) etc. The dance performance by the patron supporter Smt. Rathika Mahadeva on the final day and the Devotional Songs by the Ladies group of Keerthana Music School added yet another dimension to the celebrations on the final day. Every day, there was sumptuous prasadam neatly packed and lovingly given to everyone. Many families came forward to prepare this prasadam that we really have to turn some offers. The event was also marked by two chief Guests on the first and the last day of the Sapthaha talks, Mr Chidambaram Srinivasan, Chairman of Victoria Multicultural Commission and Smt. Gayathri C Ramesh, Director of Datta Guru Natyalaya from Malaysia. At the conclusion of the festivities and talks, our joys knew no bounds. We are were delighted by the grace of the Lord and our Guru Maharaj for this wonderful opportunity and the great experience of devotion and many directions shown to us to conduct our lives. The Melbourne community is so thankful and inspired that they have requested the Bhagavatham talks to be made an annual from this year. All this was possible only by Love and grace of our Guru Maharaj Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, whom we are ever grateful. There are many people who made this event successful and we are grateful to acknowledge them all. The organising committees and Members of GOD Melbourne, fellow organisers and members from GOD Sydney, the chief guests, the sponsors for each and every day, Vasan Srinivasan, Many families that did the Prasadam, Smt Latha Ramamoorthy, the host families who hosted Smt Poornimaji and the parayanam, the families that came sincerely everyday to listen to the sapthaha talks. You all have done a magnificent job in bringing this event and making it a huge success.


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