2009 Events Summary

Devotional Service

15th Feb 2009- Prayer Session at Carlingford, NSW Maha Mantra Prayer session was conducted at Scout Hall, Carlingford. Personal and email prayer requests were solicited. Prayers were done for for the people who lost their lives in the recent Victorian bushfires and their near and dear ones. After the Prayer session, everyone present chanted Maha Mantra for an hour.

15th March 2009 – Prayer Session at Carlingford, NSW Maha Mantra Prayer session was conducted at Scout Hall, Carlingford. Personal and email prayer requests were solicited. Smt Viji Venkatachalam shared her experience of overcoming a difficult situation by chanting Maha Mantra. ‘Surrender yourself to Sri Swamiji and Nama Chanting and you cannot go wrong.It reinforces your undying faith of his Divine Presence. Let me relate to you all one of my hair raising Nama experiences in Sydney. My daughter Assumpta had left her laptop in the citybus while coming home from office and hadn’t realised it till 7.30pm in the evening when she was supposed to have a conference call (at 8.30pm) with a client in England. She was in tears and we were in total panic. The hope of finding the laptop looked impossible.I thought most probably it was stolen. I started chanting the nama ferverently A thought came to us. We decided to drive to the Bus Depo in Dural in the dark. While I was driving my lips continued to chant the Nama all the way. The huge busyard looked empty with 15 buses standing in line with no one in sight. My daughter went inside to enquire. One bus driver said to us ‘ The office is closed, nothing can be done now.you have to come back tomorrow to find out if somebody has dropped it off in the lost property’. Both of us came out dejected, giving up any hope of finding the laptop. But I continued chanting Hare rama standing in the big yard. Two bus drivers, one huge and other a small man appeared from nowhere. They were going home after their bus duty and asked us ‘What is the matter ,you ladies look lost’?. We recounted everything to them. The huge bus driver told my daughter he will take us to the office which is right at the back ( a fair walk )and find out if the computer was dropped off in the lost property(if it is there?). Glory to Hare Rama,My eyes dropped when my daughter walked out with the laptop bag with the computer inside. We were able to reach home in time for her conference call. I was amazed and dumbfounded’

15th Nov 2009- Prayer Session at Scout Hall, Parramatta On Sunday the 15th November, GOD Australia held the monthly prayer session at the Scout Hall, Parramatta. The event went over an hour and six or seven prayer requests were addressed. Though there are other forums meant for expressing a prayer request experience, an interesting experience came forth from our satsang member, Bala. Being a prayer request on the Jayanthi day, one feels it may deserve some elaboration in this report.

7th Feb 2009 -Group chanting at Cherrybrook, NSW Satsang members participated in the nama sankirtan at Smt Usha and Sri Rajaram’s residence. Satsang started with the chanting of Kaliyayum balikollum followed by “Hare Rama” chanting. Smt Charu, sang Sri Swamiji’s kirtan ‘Neethaan azhagen endraal’ The satsang concluded with a brief talk by Sri Muthu. As it was Sri Varaha Jayanthi, Sri Muthuji spoke on the importance and greatness of Sri Varaha Swami.

14th Feb 2009 – Group chanting at Carlingford, NSW Satsang at Smt Mangala and Sri Venkatesh was attended by more than 60 people. It started with the chanting of Vishnu Sahasranamam, followed by bhajans led by various devotees. After the bhajans, Mahamantra was chanted followed by Hanuman Chalisa. Satsang concluded with a short speech by Sri Muthuji on the glory of chanting Mahamantra. After the speech, the host did mangala harathi and served prasad to everyone.

22nd Feb 2009 – Group chanting at Seven Hills, NSW Satsang members participated in the nama sankirtan at Smt Vasanthi and Sri Muthu’s rsidence. After the nama sankirtan bhajans were also sung. Sri Muthuji narrated few incidents, where difficult situations in life can be overcomed by chanting the Divine Name. Satsang was concluded mangala harathi and Smt Vasanthi served prasad to everyone.

28th Feb 2009 – Group chanting at Marsfield, NSW Satsang members participated in the nama sankirtan at Smt Manjula and Sri Ram Reddy’s residence. The satsang started with Nama Sankirtan followed by bhajans by the children. Smt Jayashree Ramakrishnan of our satsang spoke on the importance of chanting nama. Satsang was concluded with mangala harathi. Smt Manjula served prasad to everyone.

1st March 2009 – Group chanting at Kellyville, NSW The satsang at Smt Gayathri and Sri Chandru’s residence started with an introduction to our Organisation and its objectives/activities by Smt Jayanthi Ramanan. Nama Sankirtan was led by Smt Jayashree Ramakrishnan. Smt Jayashree Ramakrishnan also spoke on the importance of chanting Bhagavan nama. Satsang was concluded with mangala harathi. Smt Gayathri served prasad to everyone.

2nd March, 2009 – Group Chanting at Auburn Mandir Satsang members performed Nama Sankirtan at Sri Mandir, Auburn. Sri Deepak of our Satsang started the nama sankirtan and in between he spoke on the greatness of chanting the Divine name. Sri Deepak narrated a story from the life of Sant Raidas. Smt Jayanthi Ramanan narrated a nama anubhava……..This incident was shared by one of our Satsang member. Some visitors were expected to our satsang member’s house. It was a friday evening and it was time for Nama Sankirtan. There was no milk in the house. Our Satsang member didn’t want to miss chanting nama and at the same time while they sat for chanting nama could not but help keep thinking of not having milk in the house. The thoughts were going thus…..”will it be appropriate if one of us go to the shopping centre to get milk whilst the guests are there’ and so many other thoughts kept building. The door bell rang. Our satsang member thought it was the guests who have arrived. So asked their son to receive the guests and make them sit in the lounge room. Soon they finished chanting nama and went to the lounge room. There were no signs of the guests having come. They enquired their son, and he told that a family friend who works for Dairy Farmers came and gave 12 litres of milk and went. Out satsang member was stunned and had tears in the eyes. All the time when they were chanting nama, they were thinking of milk and here you go, the all compassionate God, made someone deliver the millk to his devotee!!

6th March 2009 – Group chanting Satsang members performed nama sankirtan at Smt Saritha and Sri Sanjeev’s residence. Nama Sankirtan was led by Sri Deepakji and Smt Usha Raisinghani. Sri Deepakji spoke on the importance of chanting nama quoting various examples from Srimad Bhagavatham. Sri Venkat Ramanan spoke regarding our Organisation and its activities and shared a nama anubhava from his own life experience. Satsang concluded with mangala harathi. The host Smt Saritha served prasad to everyone.

7th March 2009 – Group chanting at Wahroonga, NSW Satsang members performed nama sankirtan and bhajans at Smt Bhanu and Sri Srinivasan’s residence. Sri Muthu spoke on the importance of chanting bhagavan nama and narrated a story. Once lived a butcher in a village. Though he was butcher by profession, he was filled with deep devotion to God. He used to always chant Bhagavan nama. He felt bad that he was killing animals daily for earning his livelihood. So he consulted with few village elders. They suggested him to buy the meat and sell it instead of him directly killing. He liked this idea and started doing the same. He used the holy ‘Salagram’ as a weight for measuring the meat. There was a person in the village who used to daily go past this meat shop and he was so annoyed that the butcher was using the holy ‘Salagram’ as the weight. He one day came upto the butcher and asked him why he was using the ‘Salagram’ as the weight. The butcher told him that he didn’t know that these were holy stones and gave the ‘Salagram’ to this person and asked him to take it home and do prescribed pooja. The villager brought the ‘Salagram’ to his home and started doing the pooja for the ‘Salagram’. One day Lord Narayana appeared in his dream and told him with tears in his eyes ‘ though the butcher touched me with his blood stained hands, his heart was pure. He was always chanting ‘My’ name. I was very happy when I was with him. Please take me to the butcher’ The villager though he was doing the pooja to the ‘Salagram’, didn’t do it with devotion and love. He realised his mistake and handed over the ‘Salagram’ to the butcher. The above story shows how bhagavan is deeply touched when a devotee chants HIS name. Satsang was concluded with mangala harathi. Smt Bhanu served prasad to everyone.

10th March 2009 – Group chanting at Bella Vista, NSW Satsang members participated in the nama sankirtan at Smt Jayashree and Sri Ramakrishnan’s residence. Sri Muthuji spoke on the advent of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and explained a verse from Sikhashtakam ‘ Triandapi Sunecene taror api sahishnuna amanina manadena keertaneya sadha harih..’ – A devotee of the lord should be more patient than a tree, humbler than a blade of grass, respect all and expects respect from none. Deepakji narrated why Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was called as ‘Mahaprabhu’ with a story……… There were 2 boys who were great friends. One was a son of a King and one an ordinary person. When they grew up, the son of the KING became KING himself and the other boy somehow turned out to be a dacoit. One day, his actions caught up with him and he found himself in the prison. In the prison he remembered that the KING was his childhood friend. He asked to see the King, in order to seek favour to be pardoned and released from the prsion. The message was relayed to the King. The King sent a reply..’if you can come to me, definitely you might get a chance to be pardoned’, knowing well the it was impossible for his childhood friend to come to him. This is the case with Jiva and Paramatma… If the jiva is able to reach the Lord’s feet then he can become the subject of Bhagavan’s grace. However how does a Jiva, who is imprisoned in Maya’s cage, actually get to the feet of Bhagavan? He is shackled by Moha of his bodily relationships and is guarded by prison officers in the form of the Indriyas- Senses. It is next to impossible for him to get to the LORD in this state. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu mingled with everyone irrespective of their caste and showed that chanting of the Divine Name will earn Bhagavan’s grace and thus they will get them liberated from the shackles of Maya. As Chaitanya Mahaprabhu shows the Jiva the path to attain Bhagavan, He is called as ‘Mahaprabhu’ and not ‘Prabhu’.

21st Mar 2009 – Group chanting at Seniors’ meet, Rockdale Satsang members performed Nama Sankirtan at the Senior Citizens’s meet at Rockdale. Sri Ramanan of our satsang spoke on the importance of chanting the Maha Mantra.

6th Sep 2009 – Group Chanting at Cherrybrook, NSW Satsang members performed nama sankirtan at Smt Vidya and Sri Shiva’s residence at Cherrybrook, Sydney. 30-40 people participated in the Nama Sankirtan. Nama Sankirtan was led by various devotees present. Bhajans were also sung and led by young children and satsang members.

13th Sep 2009 – Group Chanting at Smithfield Satsang members performed nama sankirtan at Mr Danny Malligan’s residence at Smithfield, Sydney. Nama Sankirtan was led by Smt Jayashree Ramakrishnan, Smt Usha Raisinghani and Sri Deepak Vinod. Sri Deeepak Vinod shared a nama anubhava with all the satsang members. One of Deepakji’s friend had lost his job while he was recovering from an illness. Deepakji’s friend was fervently praying to the Lotus Feet of our Sri Swamiji and chanting Maha Mantra. Within couple of weeks through the help of his ex-colleague Deepakji’s friend was offered a job. Deepakji’s friend says this is a miracle and it happened only through the Power of Chanting Maha Mantra and the Divine grace of our Sri Swamiji.

14th Nov 2009 – House Warming ceremony – Group Chanting at Glenwood The graha pravesam at Bhaskar and Kavitha” house, the Prayer session and the second Annual General Meeting of GOD Australia. Bhaskar and Kavitha held a 3 hour satsang at their new residence at Glenwood on Saturday the 14th Nov. More than 60 people attended the event, two hours of Nama Kirtan , an hour of Bhajans and kirtans. A melodious abhang was sung by young Ashwin, son of Bhaskar and Kavitha. Ashwin had just completed his grueling HSC examinations and where he found the time to learn new songs and abhangs, one wonders. Muthuji spoke on the occasion highlighting the efficacy of the Mahamantra. He mentioned that there is no way one can repay the Guru’s kindness and the least one needs to do is to remain steadfast in the path shown by the Guru.

11th Jan 2009- Group chanting at Woodcroft Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Jayanthi was celebrated with great devotion, love and enthusiasm at Smt. Saroja and Sri Narayanan’s residence. More than 110 people participated in the event. The program started at 4.30pm with the chanting of Ganesha Pancharatnam led by Smt Chandra Raghavan followed by Guru Stotram. Maha mantra set to different tunes was chanted for an hour. Uma Narayanan, Meera Narayanan and Chitra Narayanan sang Upadesha saram. Smt Jayashree Ramakrishnan led the chanting of Akshara mana malai and sang a song on Bhagavan. The program was concluded with Hanuman Chalisa followed by mangala harathi. Prasad was served by the host to all the devotees

5th April 2009 – Sri Rama Navami celebrations With the immense blessings of Lord Sri Rama and our Sri Swamiji, Sri Rama Navami this year was celebrated in grandeur with Eka Divasa parayanam of Sundarakandam. Everyone who attended the function said they felt a great sense of peace and happiness. More than 100 people participated in the function. Our Organisation holds a ‘Rama Nama’ writing event every year for the children. This year also, Rama Nama’ books were distributed to the children in the month of March and they were encouraged to write. Satsang members assembled at the hall as early as 4:30am in the morning. The Scout Hall wore a festive look with Satsang members busy in arranging things, ladies drawing rangolis, setting up the Namadwaar shop, decorating the altar………… Smt Saroja Narayanan and Sri Narayanan did the Ganapathy pooja first followed by pooja for Sri Rama. After the preliminary poojas, Smt Saroja Narayanan chanted Sri Rama Jananam followed by Sri Sita Rama Vivaham. At 6:00am the parayanam of Sundarakandam started. Smt Saroja Narayanan led the parayanam and various devotees and Satsang members participated. The rest of the devotees either wrote ‘Rama Nama’ or listened to the parayanam. The Parayanam went till 11:30am followed by Sri Rama Pattabhishekam, Sri Rama Ashtothara shatha namavali, Sri Sita Ashtotharam, and Sri Anjaneya Ashtotharam. Many numbers of devotees present chanted Sri Rama Pattabhishekam and ashtotharams. After the chanting of ashtotharams, Maha neivedyam was offered to Bhagawan. After this, everyone joined Sri Deepak and chanted Mahamantra for 10 minutes. Children who had written ‘Rama nama’ were recognised and gifts were given. Sri Rajgopalan spoke for few minutes on our organisation and its goals. After the talk, Sri Swamiji’s ‘Anjaneya Rama’ song was played and Mangala Harathi was taken followed by Mantrapushpam. Songs on Sri Rama and Sita were sung by Smt Meera Jagadeesh, Smt Charu Iyer, Smt Anitha Murali, Master Siddharth and Master Ashwin Bhaskar. Everyone partook the prasadam, and went home with their minds filled with happiness.

4th Jun 2009 – Namadwaar Inauguration ‘Oh Ye Friend! Arise! The Moment has come to start the Mahamantra Movement and take it to the world!’ Said Sri Swamiji some time ago. Yes, indeed, the time has truly come! By the grace of Sri Hari and our beloved Guru Maharaj, the Bhoomi Puja for the first NamaDwaar was performed in Sydney, Australia on the 4th of June, 2009. The Bhoomi Puja was scheduled to be performed between 3 and 3:30 pm as ordained by Sri Swamiji. The Divine Couple Sri Premika Varadan-Madhuri Sakhi the form of a beautiful portrait and His Holiness Sri Sri Swamiji in the form of His Divine Padukas came at the auspicious hour to the venue and were comfortably seated in their ‘asanas’, Their presence was a perfect decoration to the lush-green landscape of the Namadwaar-to-be. All the devotees came in well in advance. It seemed as if the hallowed land was expecting this happy day, when it could involve itself in the kainkarya of hosting the Namadwaar. The clouds had gathered to witness the Puja, and showered mild drizzles, as if sprinkling ‘paneer’ (a fragrant water) anointing the land. One is reminded of the ‘mandam mandam jaladhara:’ scene of Sri Krishna Avatar as depicted in Srimad Bhagavatam. In keeping with the ideals of Sri Swamiji, the Bhoomi Puja was comprised of Mahamantra Kirtan by all the devotees. After about 30 minutes of Mahamantra Kirtan, the ‘Kirtanam Paadeere’ kirtan was sung, which was followed by Harathi with Sri Swamiji’s ‘Jaya Jaya Mangalam…’ Kirtan. Focused Mahamantra Kirtan and simplicity are hallmarks of our satsang, and this Bhoomi Puja function was no exception. The Australia Namadwaar, to come up at 44 Oakes Road, Winston Hills, NSW, carries the proud distinction of being the first Nama Dwaar outside the soil of Bharat, and this event goes into the annals of history as one of those humble beginnings to take the “Mahamantra movement” to the world.

16th Aug 2009 – Janmashtami Celebrations The Sydney Satsang celebrated the Janmashtami festival at the Scout Hall, Parramatta. The celebrations were highlighted by the launching of Gopa Kuteeram, an education program for children aged 5 to 12, and followed by a showcase of kid’s performances and Nama Sankirtan. The celebrations started with Nama Sankirtan led by Smt Jayashree Ramakrishnan. The first day of the ‘Gopa Kuteeram’ class was attended by 13 children. The class began with the chanting of the ‘Hare Rama’ mahamantra, followed by a prayer to Lord Ganesha. The children learnt a prayer, bhajan and a short story on Ganesha and enthusiastically participated in the class activities. The interactive session was lively as many children shared a lot of information and actively contributed to the group discussion. Concurrently with the Gopa Kuteeram class, a Prayer Session was conducted in another hall. After the Gopa Kuteeram class finished, all the children took turns on the stage to either tell a story, sing a bhajan or chant a sloka. The Satsang ladies also sang various bhajans. The celebrations ended with Mangala Harathi and the distribution of Prasad.

11th Oct 2009-Diwali Mela at Liverpool, NSW Global Organisation for Divinity, Australia participated in the annual Deepavali Mela Festival in Liverpool, Sydney. In Liverpool, a suburb in south-west Sydney, people of Indian origin account for approximately one-third of the population. The day started with the raising of Hanuman jhanda (flag). It was followed by 5 minutes of Maha-mantra chanting by members of the GOD team together with members from the host Organisation.. The GOD stall was setup by midday**. It so happened that the GOD stall was the only one at the mela which was actually a spiritually focussed stall amongst the myriad of food, clothing and entertainment stalls. And immediately a regular stream of individuals and families, young and old, Indians and non-Indians, were drawn to the GOD stall. Many gladly received the MahaMantra Show bag (with GOD profile, Sticker, Mahamantra CD, Photo of Sri Sri Swamiji). At 1:30, in front of a packed audience of more than 500 Deepavali-revellers and many more passing in the streets, the GOD team, with great zeal performed Mahamantra for 15 minutes which had the audience spellbound, many of whom also joined it. Deepak spoke for a few minutes on the importance of chanting Mahamantra and on GOD. Thereafter, the GOD stall was the center of attraction of the whole mela, even drawing crowds away from the mainstage, where mela-revellers witnessed, participated, chanted and danced to the Mahamantra for the rest of the afternoon. It was a spiritually energetic experience. GOD representatives took this opportunity to give out the Mahamantra Showbag to the keen onlookers. It was great to see the youth really taking to chanting and participating in singing the Nama out loud with great fervour. The exuberance was rubbing off on everyone. And people were walking off humming to Nama. All in all, it was a memorable public outing for GOD with a very good response from one and all which made it a memorable Deepavali Mela for everyone.

24th Oct 2009-Birthday celebrations of Sri Swamiji at NSW Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi Celebration -GOD Australia By virtue of its geographical position, Australia has the honour of the daybreak dawning there before most other countries. Same way perhaps, the devotees at GOD Australia get the opportunity ahead of anyone else to be blessed by the dawn of the “Aippasi Swathi”, bringing forth the ever-anticipated Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi. The occasion doubled up this year with the star occurring twice during the Tamil month, the 24th of October and 15th of November. GOD Australia celebrated the 24th October with an akhanda Nama sankirtan at the Scout Hall, Parramatta. The event was a grand success, a mixture as always of divinity and festivity in the air. The program commenced at 6am with a salutation to Lord Ganesha and from then on, the Mahamantra reverberated all day, the vibrations evident to everyone present. A constant stream of devotees marched in enthusiastically all day to participate. A feature of this year’s celebration was the thoughtful approach in scheduling the event through the day. Groups rather than individuals were given the time slot to do the chanting session at various times in the day. Sydney’s growth in recent years in the number of people taking to the Mahamantra has come about largely through approaching groups within the community that already follow a spiritual path. It has been easy for these groups to adapt to the Nama Sankirtan. The very first session of the Akhanda Bhajan was held by Deepakji and his group and was an absolute treat to the eyes and ears. Deepak and entourage took the participants to divine heights with their raga, their pulsating drums and instruments setting up an exhilarating experience. It would have gone all day with the momentum it picked up but mindful of the schedules, Deepakji made way to the Nepalese Group. The feature of the Nepalese group’s chanting was the immense discipline and concentration they displayed. It was only a matter of minutes before everyone else in the hall picked up the cue and fell in line to do a concentrated spell of chanting for over an hour. It was unbelievable awesome. The day continued with other groups taking turns with no let up on the enthusiasm and joy. One could hardly notice the passage of time and people hardly left their spot even for lunch. An unexpected treat unfolded for the day at around 3pm. We all know him for unleashing something when least expected but on this occasion Dinesh probably surprised himself as well. Close on the heels of his extraordinary staging of the Gandhi play, Dinesh took the centre stage to be a maestro on this occasion. Siddharth and Chiranth tuned up the Mahamantra in their electric guitar and had everyone spellbound. These two young men have shown some fantastic ability to tune the Mahamantra to the western world. Music is a confluence, Mahamantra is universal and the talent that Siddharth and Chiranth hold seems a vehicle that will carry our mission forward. After celebrating Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi in such a festive and spirited way, little wonder that GOD Australia wanted more and we had to wait until the 15th November. After culling several thoughts and plans for reasons of the limited time available, three events were held to mark the occasion.

Spiritual Education

16th Aug 2009 – Gopa Kuteeram Launch In line with a key objective of the organisation to provide spiritual education to the community, Global Organisation for Divinity launched an education program for children called “Gopa Kuteeram” on Sunday, the 16th August 2009 at the Scout Hall, Parramatta. The aim of the program is to bring children together to learn about the various aspects of the Hindu religion and the universal values and to enable them to assimilate these values from a young age. The program is currently designed for children between the age of 5 and 12 and it is intended to extend such classes for young adults in the near future. The classes will be held on the 3rd Sunday of every month between 4 and 5 pm at the Scout Hall, Webb Street, Parramatta. The classes are conducted in English and are open to all children in the community. The classes are offered on a NO FEE basis to the participating children. On the first day of Gopa Kuteeram, about 14 children attended the class. The class started with the chanting of the divine names of the Lord As done traditionally, children were taught a sloka on Lord Ganesha and its meaning and were told about the significance of praying to Lord Ganesha prior to commencing any new activity as he is the remover of any obstacles. Children also leant a bhajan on Lord Ganesha, composed by Sri Swamiji and the story of Ganesha.

4th Sep 2009 – First Bhagavatam Study Group The Bhagavatam study group commenced on 4 September 2009, following the tele-con Bhagavatam lectures in May-June 2009 by Poornimaji, a senior disciple of Sri Swamiji. The aim of the study group is to learn chanting of the bhagavata dhyana slokas and the pancha sthuthis (Kunthi sthuthi, Beeshma sthuthi, Dhruva sthuthi, Prahlada sthuthi and Gajendra sthuthi) contained in Srimad Bhagavatam. The classes are to run on the first Friday of every month at one of the devotees houses. The group began to learn the chanting of the Bhagavatha dhyana slokas in this class, using the recorded chanting of Poornimaji. About 10 people attended the Bhagavatam study group.

20th Sep 2009 – GK Class In today’s class, children revised the sloka and bhajan on Lord Ganesha and learnt the story of Dhruva, a great baktha of Lord Narayana from Bhagavatam. Dhruva’s determination to see the Lord resulted in Lord Narayana appearing in front of Dhruva. Children were taught about the importance of having a firm resolve and determination to achieve any goal that they set to achieve. Children also enthusiastically participated in a quiz session on Lord Ganesha. 4 children attended the class.

18th Oct 2009 – GK Class Children learnt a bhajan on Guru and a sloka and its meaning on Lord Krishna. The story of Lord Rama was briefly narrated and children interacted well and shared a number of related sub-stories of Ramayana. Children were given a crossword puzzle on Lord Rama and were asked to complete it as part of their homework. 6 children attended the class.

6th Nov 2009, Bhagavatham Class 2 The study group started to learn the chanting of Kunthi sthuthi. One of the devotees spoke about the meaning of the Bhagavata dhyana slokas. About 10 people attended the study group.

15th Nov 2009, GK Class The class commenced with the chanting of the Lord’s names. Children revised the sloka on Lord Krishna and the bhajan and learnt the story of Sant Ekanath, a great Saint. The story on Sant Ekanath incorporated the value of patience and control of anger. Children answered all the Trivia questions based on the story correctly. During homework review time, answers to the crossword puzzle on Rama were read out and most of the children had written the answers correctly. 8 children attended the class.

Community Service

25th Jan 2009 – GOD Stall in FAIA fair at Castle Hill, NSW GOD team members set up the stall around 10am. The stall was decorated outside with Sri Swamiji’s standing banner and a doll of Krishna. The Nama Dwaar shop items on display included jewellery, dolls, framed photos of gods and goddesses, decorative items, home made masala powders, namkeen and sweets. Namkeen, masala powders and sweets were hot favourites amongst the crowd. From 11am people started coming and visiting the stalls. After the introduction speeches, the GOD team was requested to perform nama sankirtan. Deepakji of our Satsang introduced GOD to the audience and spoke about our Organisation’s goals and objectives. GOD team members went out amongst the crowd to meet people and explain to them the objectives of our Organisation and the plan to build a Nama Dwaar. There was much curiosity amongst the people regarding the Nama Dwaar, particularly why and where it would be built. All our team members did an excellent job in promoting our organisation and Namadwaar. We gave all visitors a show bag containing the Mahamantra CD, nama sticker and Sri Swamiji’s photograph and requested everyone to listen to the CD, and chant mahamantra. Around 3pm, when people were having lunch, GOD team members performed mahamantra Divyanamam, so that everyone could listen to the chanting. What a great sight to behold!! Around 4:30pm, we wound up proceedings and packed up the stall. GOD team members had an immensely satisfying day. It was all Sri Swamiji’s blessings without which this wouldn’t have been possible.

28th Mar 2009 – GOD Stall at Elder Park, Adelaide Indian Australian Association of South Australia (IAASA) presented a spectacular Indian Festival set amidst the beautiful Elder Park in Adelaide on Saturday 28th March 2009. There were bollywood, classical and folk dance performances from various regions of India.There were large repertoire of Indian cuisine to explore the taste buds, stalls selling Indian spices, clothing and jewellery, DVDs/CDs, Henna painting, Indian Astrology, and Religious stalls. Stall no. 17, drew the attention of everyone. This stall was set on the theme of HAPPINESS , LOVE and PEACE. One thing special about this stall was anyone who visited the stall or who passed through the stall received a very rare and special gift that remained with them for ever and it was the “Bountiful Grace of Bhagavan Sri Krishna” and that particular stall was GOD Australia. Satsang members unpacked themselves around 10am at Elder Park to setup the stall. Namadwaar shop items were displayed for sale, like photo frames of gods, hand made paper bags, decorative items, dolls and other gift items. The stall featured a lucky draw- Chant the Maha Mantra once and enter in the draw to win a gift voucher. Visitors started coming in from 11am. Satsang members, introduced themselves and the misssion to the visitors and told them about the lucky draw. People were extremely receptive and came forward to chant the Maha Mantra. Sri Swamiji’s standing banner with the Maha Mantra was the central display for our stall, in front of which all the chanting took place. After chanting the Maha Mantra, they entered their name and phone number for the lucky draw. The benefits of chanting the Maha Mantra was explained to the visitors saying Maha Mantra is a Universal Prayer which is very simple, yet a very powerful prayer which will bring happiness into their lives. All the visitors to our stall received a showbag containing Sri Swamiji’s Nama Kirtan CD, GOD Profile, Nama Sticker and Sri Sri Swamiji’s photo. There were also people who could not visit the stall as they were elsewhere at the fair; for those people, we went out and introduced ourselves, handed out the showbags and asked them to listen to the Maha Mantra CD. It is natural that some people do not like to be in the limelight and hence show reluctance to enter the arena for chanting in public. What about these people, will they be denied the opportunity altogether? No, the satsang volunteers ensured that they too benefited through Shravanam – explaining in great detail the glory of the Nama by inviting them to the NamaDwar shop which was presented in a very attractive and catchy way. The visitors were explained the efficacy of the Maha Mantra, Nama anubhava and the GOD vision to establish a Nama Dwar across Australia. The visitors left the stall, their bags full with the GOD merchandise, their minds full with the thoughts on the Maha Mantra. At 8pm there was an announcement made regarding the lucky draw. That made few more visitors come to our stall and chant the Maha Mantra. At 9pm, the draw was taken and the names of the winners were announced. The winners were very happy to receive the prizes and thanked GOD for promoting Maha Mantra in Australia. It was a glorious sight to watch so many people from different backgrounds and cultures chant the Maha Mantra. Adelaide is a new terrain for GOD Australia and but for the help of the local residents, it would have been impossible to organise the stall at IAASA. We sincerely acknowledge the help provided by Smt Bama Ganesan, Sri Raja Ganesan, Smt Mythili Mohan, Sri Mohan and Sri Gautam Bala in making this possible. Right from letting us know of the opportunity, they did a tremendous job in making the bookings and all the logistics with a great personal touch. We feel very encouraged for future GOD events in Adelaide with the knowledge that such a sincere and committed group of people are around to support us. Glory to Nama !! Glory to Sri Swamiji!!

18th July 2009 – Dual Carnatic Music concert at Castle Hill As the greater Sydney huddled around the fireplace on the winter night, it was a fire of different sort in the minds of the three hundred odd people that congregated at the Castle Hill high school auditorium on the night of the 18th July. A fire of motivation for some, a simmering sense of purpose and support for the rest at the hall. G.O.D Australia organised a mandolin concert by Sri Kishan Jeyendran and a vocal by Smt Prema Anandakrishnan that enthralled the audience for over four hours with some scintillating melody. A mandolin concert in Carnatic is itself a very rare event in Sydney and the amazing deft and dexterity from the young Kishan made it an even rarer treat. Prema is an ace singer in the Sydney music world and the songs she chose on the night were one that would melt the sternest of hearts. Not one from the audience would have walked out of the hall after her concert without a thought or two on the divinity that carnatic music is. Sri Balaji Jagannadhan on violin, Janakan Suthanthiraraj on Mrudangam and Chrissan Segaram on Ghatam provided excellent accompaniment for both concerts drawing frequent applause. The purpose of staging the concert was to raise funds for the construction of Namadwar, a centre for collective chanting of the Mahamantra. G.O.D Australia is committed to this cause as ordained by our dear Sri Swamiji. The highlight of the event was the enormous participation from scores of people outside the organization. A voluntary contribution in terms of time, effort and material support of this magnitude indicates their strong sense of conviction in the underlying message that GOD Australia resonates, the might of the Mahamantra. True to its nature, this fire of conviction will spread across quickly when fanned by the palpable results that start to flow through from chanting the divine name.

16th Aug 2000 – Gopa Kuteeram Launch In line with a key objective of the organisation to provide spiritual education to the community, Global Organisation for Divinity launched an education program for children called “Gopa Kuteeram” on Sunday, the 16th August 2009 at the Scout Hall, Parramatta. The aim of the program is to bring children together to learn about the various aspects of the Hindu religion and the universal values and to enable them to assimilate these values from a young age. The program is currently designed for children between the age of 5 and 12 and it is intended to extend such classes for young adults in the near future. The classes will be held on the 3rd Sunday of every month between 4 and 5 pm at the Scout Hall, Webb Street, Parramatta. The classes are conducted in English and are open to all children in the community. The classes are offered on a NO FEE basis to the participating children. On the first day of Gopa Kuteeram, about 14 children attended the class. The class started with the chanting of the divine names of the Lord As done traditionally, children were taught a sloka on Lord Ganesha and its meaning and were told about the significance of praying to Lord Ganesha prior to commencing any new activity as he is the remover of any obstacles. Children also leant a bhajan on Lord Ganesha, composed by Sri Swamiji and the story of Ganesha.

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