Spiritual Education

G.O.D provides education to the wider community on the benefits of spirituality through classes, discourses, and workshops. The ocean of spirituality is limitless and seemingly overwhelming. Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji has provided a simplified and structured approach to learn and practice spirituality especially in the context of the hustle bustle of modern life. Our teachers bring these concepts and approach into our education programs for the adults and children.

A number of educational activities are currently being conducted by G.O.D on a weekly and monthly basis at various locations in Sydney and Melbourne for both adults and children.

To know more about these classes and to enroll in any classes, please write to:


contact@godivinity.org.au (for Adults’programs)

gopakuteeram@godivinity.org.au (for Children’s programs)


melbourne@godivinity.org.au (for all programs)

Learn more about our spiritual education framework and our teachers: