Sydney Gopa Kuteeram 4th Quarter Report

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Gopa Kuteeram Report – 4th term

Gopa KuteeramTerm 4 started on 9 October. It was a short-term during which children worked together in activities to present at the annual day on Sunday, 20th November at Namadwaar.

L1 children rehearsed and enacted a play on Basmasura, who in his arrogance tried to misuse a boon granted by Lord Brahma on Lord Shiva. Children had fun rehearsing for this skit and presenting it to parents.  They learnt the value of respecting elders and God and how arogance is not a good value to have.

L2 children rehearsed and enacted a play which was a modern version of Ratnakar, the thief who became Valmiki, story of sage Naradji and that of the devotee Shabari.  Through this play, children learnt about the importance of questioning their own actions, the power of blessings by elders and saints and most importantly the efficacy of chanting the Hare Rama maha mantra.

L3 have been learning Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita this year.  Together, they scripted and enacted a short play on ‘Bullying’ and made a short video presentation of this play. As a group, children discussed about the short-term and long-term ill-effects of bullying on both the parties and the play captured this and linked it to some of the universal values taught in Bhagavad Gita.  Children enjoyed enacting and creating this video during the term and presenting it to parents at the annual day.

Gopa Kuteeram Choir group (L1 and L2 children) continued to learn many songs and namavalis during this term and did a beautiful presentation of these bhajans at the annual day, ably accompanied by Dr Ashwin Bhaskaran on Harmonium and Aidan Kumar (L3 student) on dolki.  Many parents gave wonderful feedback about their presentation and were overwhelmed that their children had learnt so many bhajans within 4 months.

Overall, Gopa Kuteeram 2016 was a year of action and change, with the first two terms spent at Crestwood community centre and last two terms at Namadwaar.

Gopa Kuteeram classes will resume at Namadwaar from February 2017


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