Saint Banudasa – a snippet from Sri Swamiji’s discourse

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Saint Banudasa – a snippet from Sri Swamiji’s discourse, translated by Smt Gayathri Easwar

“Everything that happens in the life of Bhagavad bhakthas is for their good and is what God desires for them. God always guides them in the right direction and ensures they are protected well all the time”

It is widely considered that there is no one as smart and intelligent as Sri Hanuman (buddhi-chaturyam). This is so because Sri Hanuman has taken his lessons from the Sun god himself.

Banu Dasar has seen the Sun God (pratyaksham). So, when he walks down the streets, onlookers comment that he has got everything by the blessings of the Sun God, and there is no need for him to study/acquire knowledge.
So what does Banu Dasar do to run his family? He cannot run his family unless he has some money. So all his relatives collectively set up a textile store so that Banu Dasar can run it as his own business. Banu Dasar does his trade in a slightly different manner. When prospective customers come to Banu Dasar’s shop he tells themĀ  that he has bought a particular dress for Rs 10, and is happy to sell it for a profit of Rs 2, that is a total of Rs 12 for the dress. He is even happy to be paid Rs 11 for the same. He is always honest with his trade and always speaks the truth sometimes even confessing that certain dresses are about 10 years old and so on.
Would anyone ever buy from him if he conducts his trade in this manner? He is extremely honest and never lies. So all his prospective customers think twice to come to his shop.
Initially people make fun of those who are honest and straight forward, but if a person is persistant and continues to be honest and straight forward, it will earn respect for him. Initially it is always going to be tough. Likewise, Banu Dasar continued his business in a very fair and just manner – so people made fun of him, and ridiculed the way he did his business saying how can he ever profit from it.
After a few years everyone started saying that Banu Dasar is a fair person, and that if they went to his store they would get the things needed correctly. His business started to prosper and thrive. Banu Dasar got many customers, and his business was growing very well. While this was happening, the other textile traders got jealous of his progress. They kept asking themselves as to why everyone was going to Banu Dasar’s shop. Banu Dasar continued to get a lot of business and make more sales. The other traders continued to ponder what their fate would be if the same situation continues for long. They would be forced out of business if things continued in this way.
Once when these businessmen while returning after doing business in another town, they stayed in a choultry (venue/hall used by traveller’s for resting). They would take their horses to travel, tie their stock of clothes on the horse and leave their purse containing all their earnings in the horse’s neck. This was how these traders used to operate in the olden days.
Banu dasar was lying along with the other businessmen in the hall. While lying down, he could not sleep. He was a great devotee, and could hear a bhajan at a distance – Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari! Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari! He could not lie down there after that, he immediately got up and decided to join the bhajan.
The other business men thought this the right time, and let Banu Dasar’s horse go free. It ran away and these businessmen got happy. Now, Banu Dasar’s horse had gone which contained the clothes and also the money he had earned through his sales.
An hour later, a few thieves came to the hall. They knew that businessmen would rest in such halls. So they hit all the businessmen in the hall, took away all their stock and belongings, and also looted all the money they had.
Banu Dasar returned from the bhajans after sometime. At this time, his horse came back with all the clothes and money safely held. It was then that the businessmen realized that even harm and injustice perpetrated upon Bhagavad Bakthas is turned into something that isĀ  good and beneficial for them. These traders wanted to hurt Banu Dasar’s business by letting his horse loose. But their plans backfired as he was not only absent when the thieves came in to loot all the possessions of the traders, but also all his belongings were saved due to God’s grace.
Everything that happens in the life of Bhagavad bhakthas is for their good and is what God desires for them. God always guides them in the right direction and ensures they are protected well all the time.


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