A Journey of Self Discovery – Study Circle, Week 8 and 9

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Friday 22nd and 29th April
Topic for Discussion: The Laws of Attraction

There are those in this world, who seem to always get what they want. Whether it is on the social scene or in the corporate world, people naturally gravitate towards them. What makes someone so special? How and why are people either knowingly or unknowingly heading in their direction?

Many modern philosophers have tried to scientifically conceptualize under the banner of ‘The laws of attraction’. However, the question for us is, is it really a science? Do such laws even exist?
And if they do, does spirituality have a part to play in this?

This discussion topic was presented by Pramod. He started with his thoughts on the ‘Art of Attraction’.

Attraction is defined as the ‘action’ or ‘power’ of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something. Attraction for an individual is said to be governed by their character or personality traits. Behavioural experts have attempted to frame this by categorising people based on their reactions to situations and thoughts about ideas on various subjects. The two main categories are said to be “extrovert” and “introvert”.

The Extrovert is generally bubbly outgoing personality, who likes to have people around them and displays natural leadership qualities. The flip-side to this is the Introvert; a generally reserved personality, content to do things on their own and typically passive in nature.

In a workplace situation it is said that opposites attract eg. a person with leadership quality would like to work with somebody who can follow directions. However in a social scene, the likes attract eg. example people who are interested in sports may like to be around sports minded people. It is said that attraction towards good looking people, those with a high social status and similar type of superficial attraction, are shallow in nature and do not last long.

This is attraction at a corporate or social level. There is also attraction at a spiritual level. This is divine attraction regardless of character or personality traits. It is more of a connection than attraction. Attraction based on spirituality connects people at a higher level disregarding any language, physical or social barriers.

Pramod then moved on the ‘Laws’ of Attraction.

It is said that the mind is connected with time and space. Our thoughts generate waves of energy which influence both the physical and metaphysical plane around us. The energy we generate is the same energy that comes back to us. Therefore we attract what we send out. This is essentially the law of attraction; the belief that positive or ‘right’ thoughts are magnets for attracting people, wealth, social status and spiritual realisation.

One of the most essential aspects of spirituality is the level of connection we have with the world around us, we are one with the universal and not separate from it. Spirituality shapes oneself in this way, thereby shaping our thoughts to be positive and thus attract!

The discussion floor was then opened to everyone to see if they could connect with such thoughts. Some really interesting thoughts were thrown around. In particular, we focussed on two aspects

  1. The need to always keep positive thoughts
  2. How the environment around us shapes our thoughts

Everyone agreed that the law of attraction was that if we stay positive, it naturally attracts positivity back to us. Is it easy to stay positive, if the environment around is negative? The group shared experiences from their corporate life, where negativity can go viral, becoming a draining force on individuals. How is it then that one can keep positive thoughts amidst the growing negativity?  It was then brought up that, it essentially comes back to how we frame the situation in our thoughts. If we continue to focus on the negative environment, it’ll be near impossible to obtain positive thoughts. Instead if we try to focus on anything else but that, immediately we’ll start becoming more positive. And ultimately it is that positivity, which will even change that negative environment around!

It was also brought up that keeping contact with spiritual gatherings is the best way to stay positive. Satsang is the Sanskrit word used for a spiritual gathering. Regular satsang fuels positivity like nothing else that is known to us!

Next week (6th May 2016), we will watch a short segment from ‘The Secret’, a movie based on a book by Rhonda Byrne on the Laws of Attraction. We’ll then see if there is any relevance to what we have discussed so far. Be sure not to miss it!










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