The way forward in Kaliyuga

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The way forward in Kaliyuga
written by Smt Usha Raisinghani

We all know that Saint Tulasidas was a great devotee of Lord Rama. He wrote various compositions of Lord Rama. Most famous of his works are Ramacharita manas.

Very interestingly no matter on whom he sings the kirtan, he has the same one prayer. In the kirtan ‘Gayiye Ganapathi’,  he ends with ‘Basahu Ram Siya Manas More’.

In Hanuman chaleesa he ends with “Rama Lakan Seeta sahit hridaya bash sur bhoopa”

He has only one desire to be fulfilled is Lord Rama come and occupy in his heart.


Koyi tan dukhi Koyi man dukhi Koyi dhan bin rahath udaas
Thode thode sab dukhi, sukhi ram chandra ke daas

Some people are sad because their health is not good, some people are sad because they are having mental illness, some people are sad because they don’t have much wealth, but happy is the person who serves Lord Ramachandra.

In this age of Kali when our minds are impure and not one pointed, how do we invite Lord Rama to come and reside in our hearts?

Tulasidas Maharaja says “ Ram Katha’ is the only medicine in this kaliyuga. So sing his glories and name.

Tulsidas goes on to say ‘Ram se bada Ram ka nam? How?

Ram ek taapas tiya taari
naam koti khalu kumathi sudhari

Rama could only redeem Ahalya, but Lord Rama’s name has redeemed billions of people, so who is greater? Lord Rama or His name?

“ Jaasu naam sumirata ek baar tarahi nara bhava sindhu aparaa

HIS name is so powerful that , even If we chant RAMA once, it enables us to cross the ocean of cycle of birth and death in one go.

Nahi kali karma na bhkahi viveku Ram naam avalamban eku

We may not have patience,  resources or time  to do activities as prescribed by our shastras, but chanting Rama nama is simple and achievable. No cost, no time restrictions, no rules or regulations, anybody, anywhere, anytime can be chant it.

Ulta naam japat jag jaja Balmik bhay brahm samaana

Sage Valmiki chanted the word RAMA  in the opposite way ‘Mara Mara’. Though he chanted in an incorrect manner, he achieved the highest state. So even if we chant Bhagavan’s names in an incorrect manner there is no repercussions.

Meera Bai says, “Kharchai na chute chor na loote, din din badhatha savayo”. What kind of wealth is this; it doesn’t end. Thieves cannot take it, and it keeps increasing by the day.

Ram naam ki loot hai bhaiya, loot sakai to loot, pachai phir pachtayega, jab praan jayega choot. We have to earn this Ram ratan dhan while we are still alive, and when our breath is still going. Swamiji says, “Today we are humans, we don’t know about tomorrow”. Hence, we must chant. It isn’t that this divine name is only beneficial to humans, even Lord Shiva and Godess Parvati are chanting this name, and showing us the way.

For this Kaliyuga, chanting the Mahamantra is the prescribed way in the Upanishad. So, let us all chant the Mahamantra and pray to the Lord.

Radhe Radhe


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