Kirtan Yoga

Kirtan Yoga is a simple yet powerful technique that combines the merits of  yoga and the chanting of the sacred mantras. A typical session is divided into two parts:

  1. Yoga asanas and pranayama
  2. Circular Chanting

Yoga asanas in combination with Pranayama helps to maintain physical health, develop mental clarity, and achieve emotional harmony. Regular practice of yoga reflects in the coordination of thoughts, words, and actions in a person, and at the same time helps to live a disease-free life. The practices of yoga are multiethnic in nature.

Circular Chanting involves the repeated chanting of the sacred Mahamantra. Just like there are Yoga postures to relax, strengthen, and tone the body, the Mahamantra revitalises the mind: The two work in conjunction to create deep spiritual experience.

The sessions are for all people; there is no expert or no beginner.

Class Schedule

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