G.O.D participates in Blacktown Street Alive and Parade Day

Sat 28th May
Blacktown Stree Alive and Parade Day

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“Nagar Sankirtan” is a key ritual in the tradition of sanathana dharma. Devotees gather together and go around in a procession singing the divine names of the Lord in the early hours of the morning especially in the auspicious months of the year. This practice enjoys a great patronage even in current times.
G.O.D Australia has been organizing street parades in Sydney twice in the year to provide the Nagar Sankirtan experience to the public. Key messages of the organization – universal love and harmony, efficacy of chanting the divine names etc. are put in display. The Blacktown parade was held on the 28th May’16 lasting an hour from 11am. Incessant rain and cold winds were predicted for the day and at the crack of dawn, the parade didn’t even look a possibility. But as in many previous occasions the rain just paused for the duration of the event and the parade enjoyed a good turnout of people en-route. Pictures of Sri Madhuri Saki sametha Sri Premika Varadhan and Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji were held aloft and the G.O.D congregation marched past chanting the Mahamantra aloud. Several members of the public lined up along the streets watching the 40 odd “floats” in the parade clapped the parade along. Yet another way of experiencing an aspect of the sanathana dharma as well as spreading G.O.D’s message! The summer edition of the Nagar Sankirtan will come up in Oct’16 at Campbelltown.

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